10 Study Area Ideas for Organized and Modern Kids Room Design

child bedroom with studying area
Large studying area, modern children bedroom design


Here are smart study area ideas for kids rooms that help parents and children organize their places and create functional and beautiful children bedrooms. Well-designed work areas help children concentrate and succeed in school. Creating a functional and attractive study area is a way to prepare kids for school and teach them to be organized and efficient. Lushome collection of design ideas and decorating tips will help choose the best solutions for organizing comfortable and modern kids rooms.

Organizing is a conduit of stress-free life and school success. Some children intuitively know how to organize their rooms, study efficiently and get good marks. They get their homework done on time and can find everything they need in their backpacks and desks. Others get distracted quickly. Designing a simple, well illuminated, and comfortable study area in their rooms is a perfect solution for their storage organization which turns cluttered spaces into neat and beautiful bedrooms.

An organized study area in kids rooms makes all things easy to access and use. Wall shelves, totes, baskets, and containers for storage improve room design. Attractive storage and organization influence children in a positive way. Signs, showing where items should go and where to put things, help children to get used to new rules.

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Study areas and kids room design ideas

Large studying area, modern children bedroom design

Simplistic and comfortable study area design is the best option for children bedrooms. Basic storage solutions, drawers, containers, and baskets on wall shelves look beautiful and teach a child a simple organizing strategy which creates less stressful life.

Furniture for kids

You can use shelving units to separate a study area from other parts of your child bedroom. Kid’s furniture should be selected appropriately to the children age and be comfortable for a child. Adjustable, ergonomic kids furniture, a study desk, chair, and shelves create efficient work stations, and bright, modern lighting makes a study area design functional and attractive.

Study desk with storage

Lighting design

Kids naturally avoid dark places, so light is essential for kids room designs. Dark storage spaces easily become disorganized and cluttered. Bright lighting sets an energetic mood and helps keep everything in order.

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Decorating ideas

Kid’s photographs, books, study aids that a child uses are excellent decorating ideas for children bedrooms. Books, maps, a computer with internet access, pencils, and papers are beautiful, functional decorations that make the study area feel inviting and efficient. Useful things improve the entire kid’s room design and help organize it in a clutter-free style.

Modern kids room design, bunk bed with desk

Separating the study area helps kids stay concentrated while doing their homework, and experience fewer distractions. Arrange a play zone with toys or small gym zone away from the study area.

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Decorating the study area is a very personal process. Unique and unusual or classy and relaxing decor, reflecting your children personalities, create comfort in their bedrooms. Organizing skills, tastes, their favorite colors create original and beautiful spaces which they like. Personalizing a study area with decorative accessories makes kids room design look attractive, warm, and unique. Their own private, comfortable spaces stimulate their mind and encourage to spend more time in their bedroom, hopefully studying.

Built-in study desk and chair, bunk bed with storage

Attractive room colors, convenient storage spaces, functional room design and displays of your kid’s artworks and crafts are fabulous ideas for decorating kids rooms. Playful accents, modern lighting fixtures, and a white or colorful chalk board create motivational messages and reminders to use them for exciting activities. Functionality and organizing of kids room design lead children to stress-free life and school success.

Study area separated with shelving room divider, functional and modern kids room design idea

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