10 Modern Color Schemes Reflecting the Latest Trends in Decorating

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living room furniture and colorful accents
Modern living room design, trends in decorating with color



Yellow colors, earthy red, beige, dark and light brown color shades are perfect for room decorating in 2018 and have the power to stay. The Earth Dog year brings the attractive natural color palette which blends beautifully with neutral color tones and vibrant accents. Yellow shades, berry red, pinkish purple, green, turquoise, and light blue pastels associate with nature, so interior design color schemes which include these hues are pleasant and comfortable. Lushome presents the modern color palette of yellow, deep red, and purple, and ten fresh color schemes for creating stylish and beautiful interior design for 2019.

If the light yellow-gray-beige palette looks too pale to you, use the modern color schemes and the 60-30-10 rule for mixing three or four hues in your interiors. The fourth color is perfect for accents that will make your interior design bright and exciting. Crimson, orange, mustard, muted pink, soft blue or green, lavender, and deep purple color hues complement light yellow color shades and pastels, giving a stylish, fresh look to the modern interior design. Burgundy, earthy reds, soft pinks, grayish and warm purple pastels are 2018 trends in decorating also.

The latest hues mix with all neutral color tones and shades. Black, white, gray color and beige look fabulous with rich golden shades and vibrant accents, like turquoise, sky-blue, fresh green, pink, and lavender. To enhance the original and modern interior design you can add fashionable prints. Attractive ornaments, inspired by natural themes, textiles with green leaves and large flowers, geometric and oriental decoration patterns are perfect for your room decorating in 2019.

Modern color palette

Bright yellow color palette and warm beige shades, color design trends 2018-2019
Dark and light purple pastels, reddish purple and purplish pink color palette, design trends 2018-2019

Matching interior design colors, wall paint, home furnishings

Yellow color in decorating, sunny color psychology

Color design ideas to balance modern interiors

10 interior design color schemes

60-30-10 is a timeless decorating technique that can help you to select hues and use the interior color schemes. The proportion creates balance in the primary and accent color combinations used in interior design. This rule is straightforward and mistake-proven.

Modern living room design, trends in decorating with color

The first color is the primary color which is for 60% of color design in your room. Walls and large furniture pieces in the primary color produce a backdrop for smaller details and anchor the room. Your 30% is the secondary color. Decor accessories, small furniture, curtains and bed linens, an accent wall are just a few examples of usage of the second hue. The secondary color supports the main color while creating attractive contrasts and setting the mood in the space.

Beige, purplish gray, dusty pink color combination
Blue and gray color tones
Pastel green, blue, warm green, purple color scheme
Cream, yellow, green, gray color combination
Soft white, blue, pink, yellow color scheme

Your 10% or the third color in the color schemes. It is your accent color which adds interest to the basic two-color combinations. Vases, flower pots with plants, painted chairs, throw pillows, artworks, lamp shades, small decorations, wall clocks, mirror frames or candles are decorative accents that design bright and harmonious interiors.

Grayish beige, dark pink, green-turquoise, purple color scheme
Warm beige, pinkish red, turquoise-green, brown color combination
Pink, bluish purple pastel, green-turquoise, brown color scheme
Yellow, purple, pink, green color combination
Berry-red, grayish turquoise pastel, dark gray color scheme

The 60-30-10 rule allows using four colors also. There is the primary color for large surfaces and furniture pieces, the second color for small elements of the interior design, and two more interior colors for accents which balance, brighten up, and enhance the decor. It is easy to use three-color schemes in any space, but the additional accent color creates the truly unique, professional, and sophisticated interior design.

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