Wood Ideas Giving Stunning Look to Modern Interior Design and Home Decorating

modern interiors created with wood furniture, wooden walls and flooring ideas

Unique furniture design with tree trunk, modern tables

Modern wood furniture, wooden floors, walls and ceiling designs, lighting fixtures and artworks created of wood are beautiful trends in home decorating. Modern wood pieces bring warmth and gorgeous texture into interior design and enrich living spaces with a stunning look and cozy feel.

Different types of wood used to make modern furniture add beautiful brown colors, spectacular grain patterns and pleasant texture to interior design. The quality and strength of room furniture depends upon the types of wood selected, but all wooden furniture items look amazing.

Lushome collection of modern interior design ideas show creative and stylish ways to enhance rooms with different brown colors and textures of wood. The amazing beauty of natural wood and variety of textures, colors and grain patterns give great opportunities to personalize modern interior design and create truly unique living spaces.

Gorgeous wood furniture and decor ideas

25 wood decor ideas bringing beautiful textures of solid wood into modern interior design

Wood in modern interior design and decorating

Modern living room decorating with solid wood pieces

Softwood trees grow fast and straight, so softwood is plentiful and relatively inexpensive. Common softwood options for modern interior design and decorating include cedar, fir, pine and redwood. Softwood is ideal for interior decorating with carving and items that feature fine details.

Hardwoods are fantastic, the best choices for price, durability and natural beauty. Hardwoods are more expensive than softwoods, as hardwood trees do not grow as fast and these types of wood is not readily available.

Solid wood bathroom vanity design with large wall mirror and wall lights

Common types of hardwood used in modern interior design include ash, birch, cherry, oak, maple, mahogany, poplar, walnut and teak, which is excellent for outdoor home decor.

Best types of wood for furniture and modern interior design

25 wooden furniture design ideas, modern salvaged wood chairs, stools and benches

Hardwood produces interesting grain patterns and offers great materials for modern furniture design, wooden floors, walls and ceiling designs. Woodworkers prize hardwoods for unique furniture items and creative interior design solutions showcasing the natural beauty of wood, its amazing golden and brown colors, and fabulous texture.

Modern bathroom design with wooden floor and wall

Unique furniture design with tree trunk, modern tables

Wooden furniture and flooring ideas

Wooden furniture design

Modern tables, solid wood table top

Modern wooden furniture for dining area, wooden floor and wall design


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  last updated: 23.09.2015


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