21 Space Saving Kitchen Island Alternatives for Small Kitchens

small kitchen islands and design ideas

Modern kitchen islands are wonderful, ergonomic and stylish elements of kitchen design, but small kitchens often do not have enough space for a kitchen island. If your kitchen is small or narrow, you can improve the kitchen design with space saving alternatives for kitchen islands. Lushome shares great ideas which can make small kitchens more comfortable, ergonomic and modern.

Small kitchens call for compact furniture and multifunctional pieces that can serve as cooking and dining areas and take less space in small interiors. Functional small tables on wheels, freestanding shelving units with work tops, narrow kitchen islands with large table tops for dining or compact bar tables can be used as alternative kitchen islands in small spaces.

The functionality of compact space saving furniture is the main factor to consider  for small kitchens. There are many compact and cheap ideas to improve small kitchens and create beautiful, comfortable and ergonomic small spaces. Check the collection of ideas and get inspired by space saving designs.

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Space saving alternatives for kitchen islands

Small kitchen design, white kitchen cabinets and wooden table

Some space saving alternatives for kitchen islands allow to improve small kitchens creating small surfaces for cooking and dining, while adding valuable storage spaces to kitchen design. Other space saving ideas bring compact kitchen furniture pieces, folding tables or portable tables on wheels which help adjust kitchen design and maximize small spaces.

1. Small kitchen islands with open shelves.

2. Small kitchen islands with cabinets and drawers.

Small kitchen island design with shelves and drawer

3. Pull out tables.

4. Fold down tables.

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Mobile kitchen design offering a great alternative for small kitchens and contemporary nomad lifestyle

5. Built-in surfaces utilizing under the window space.

6. Transformer furniture, extendable tables and cabinets.

Narrow kitchen island design with shelf

7. Bar tables.

8. Small portable kitchen islands on wheels.

15great space saving ideas for small kitchens with compact dining areas

Modern kitchen design for large and small spaces

These space saving ideas offer wonderful alternatives for traditional kitchen islands and allow flexibility in modern kitchen design. These kitchen furniture items bring more comfort into small kitchens, balance interior design and give a modern look to functional and flexible small spaces.

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Kitchen island with storage shelves and glass doors

Pull out table design maximizing space in small kitchens

Turning window sill into small dining area, space saving ideas for small kitchens


  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 14.09.2015


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