Bedroom Designs

Creative Black and White Bedroom Decorating Ideas with Chalk

black chalkboard paint and white drawings for modern wall decoration

Here is a collection of creative bedroom decorating ideas in black and white colors. Black paint and white bedding sets create strong color contrasts that harmonize bedroom decor and make rooms look unusual and unique. Creative accent wall design ideas add interest and an artistic touch to black and white bedroom decorating. Modern bedroom decor in black and white feels…

33 Walk In Closet Design Ideas to Find Solace in Master Bedroom

bedroom designs with walk in closets and closet organizing tips

Lushome shares a collection of closet designs to organize your master bedroom, bring comfort and luxury into your home. There are few things more luxurious, attractive and stylish than a walk in closet in your master bedroom where you can organize handbags, clothes, shoes and accessories in elegant style. A walk in closet is a great addition to any home…

22 Creative Bed Headboard Ideas to Design Unique and Modern Bedroom Decor

wall decoration ideas and unusual bed headboard designs

Unusual bed headboard ideas bring wonderful, creative and interesting designs into bedroom decorating. Unique bed headboards make great centerpieces, add fresh feel, interest and personality to modern bedroom decor, Lushome shares a collection of unusual bed headboard ideas which are inspiring and very decorative. A bedroom does not exists without a bed. Classic and contemporary beds are essential bedroom furniture…

Partition Wall Design Ideas and Room Dividers Separating Modern Bedrooms from Bathrooms

room dividers between bedrooms and bathroom, modern home interiorss

Partition wall design is one of modern interior design trends, especially for separating bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and home offices from living areas. Drapery fabrics and glass wall design ideas are among the most popular room dividers and partition walls. Lushome shares a collection of modern interior design ideas for dividing bedrooms from bathrooms in elegant and contemporary style. Bedrooms and…

22 Modern Lighting Design Ideas and Bedroom Decorating Tips

lighting ideas for modern bedroom designs in various styles

Bedroom lighting design is complex and creative task. Modern lighting fixtures in different styles allow to show your creativity and taste. Selecting the perfect lighting design, size and style of lamp shades, materials and colors will created bright and stylish bedroom decorating and add coziness to modern bedroom design. Lushome shares a few tips and bedroom decorating ideas to create…

Contemporary Bed and Headboard Designs to Sleep under LED Stars in Style

bed headboard designs with led lights for modern bedroom decorating

Contemporary bed and headboard designs with LED lights look wonderful and romantic. These design ideas create beautiful and unusual beds to sleep under stars in style. Cosmos Bed with stars shining above it is great for unique, surprising and modern bedroom decorating. Lushome shares creative bed by Russian designer Natalia Rumyantseva and glowing headboards from Adele, created for personalizing and…

DIY Bed Headboard for Quick and Modern Bedroom Decorating

how to make diy bed headboard with upholstery fabric and buttons

DIY bed headboard ideas are wonderful for decorating kids bedrooms and guests rooms. Upholstery fabric and small decorations, like buttons, ribbons or small pieces of colorful fabrics are all you need to transform your existing bed headboard and create a fabulous focal point for bedroom decorating. The wrap around fabric headboard design is good for small rooms. Lushome offers this…

15 Bed Headboard Ideas and Beautiful Wall Decorations Created with Fabrics

modern bedroom decorating with fabrics

DIY bed headboards are money saving options that allow to decorate walls with fabric and refresh the way old beds look. Creative bed headboard ideas and wall decorations designed with fabrics bring texture and color into bedroom decorating and add drama to unique room decor. Lushome brings 15 fabulous DIY bed headboard ideas and shares inspirations for making inexpensive bed…

20 Creative Bed Headboard Designs and Budget Friendly Bedroom Decorating Ideas

diy bedroom decorating with fabric, beds

Creative bed headboard designs give great bedroom decorating ideas for DIY projects that can transform rooms with fabrics and help decorate homes in elegant style without spending too much money. Lushome shares this collection of budget-friendly bed headboard ideas, perfect for smart bedroom decorating with fabrics. These beautiful bed headboard designs are inspiring and very attractive. Fabrics are an excellent…

10 Fabric Bed Headboard Ideas and Smart Ways of Bedroom Decorating

bed headboards and bedroom decorating ideas

These beautiful bed headboards are easy to make, attractive, unique and inexpensive. They are a smart way to decorate your old beds and add color, softness and personality to bedroom decorating. Lushome collected 10 bed headboard ideas that are inspiring and charming. Handmade bed headboards are wonderful ways to change bedroom decor while blending simplicity of DIY projects with bright…

25 Glamorous Canopy Beds for Romantic and Modern Bedroom Decorating

modern bedroom design and decor, canopy beds with curtains

Canopy beds are beautiful home furnishings that look solid and soft at the same time, blending romance and mystery with chic and exclusive style. Canopy beds add glamor to modern bedroom decorating and create cozy and stylish bedroom decor. These beds are inviting, interesting and comfortable, offering extra privacy in the bedroom. Canopy beds create a castle-like atmosphere and enhance…

Built Into Ceiling Beds, Space Saving Retractable Beds for Small Spaces

suspended bed design for small spaces

Here is a collection of space saving retractable beds, built-into the ceilings and creating flexible and multifunctional interior design while turning small spaces into comfortable and unusual homes. A hanging from the ceiling bed is a fun bedroom furniture item, a retractable bed design allows to use one space, transforming it into a living area or a bedroom. An elegant…

Changeable Bed Headboard Designs, Creative Bedroom Ideas from NOYO

modern bedroom ideas digital prints for bed headboard designs

This bright collection of modern bed headboard designs from NOYO allow to customize your bedroom decor, adding symbolic and meaningful or cheerful and romantic images to interior decorating. Founded and run by Astrid Oyo, the company offers to personalize modern bedroom decor with different bed headboards and give your bedroom the character it deserves. The bed headboards are designed by…

Modern Bed Headboard Ideas Bringing Chic Hotel Style into Bedroom Designs

modern bedroom ideas, bed headboard

Modern bed headboard ideas are inspiring, beautiful and very attractive. Modern bed headboards are a wonderful way to create fabulous bedroom designs, adding chic and unique touches to your home interiors. Here is a guest post that provides helpful bedroom decorating and home staging tips to style your bedroom designs with hotel inspired chic. Have you ever looked at your…

Space Saving Fitted Bedroom Furniture for Storage Creating Compact Interior Design

modern bedroom furniture and space saving interior design ideas, fitted furniture for storage

Bedroom furniture is an important element of creating functional, comfortable and modern bedroom designs. Fitted bedroom furniture is great for small spaces and compact interior design. Freestanding bedroom furniture items allow quick and easy changes, improve functionality and flexibility of interior design. Fitted bedroom furniture versus freestanding bedroom furniture items – which is best for your interior design? Here is…

Silky Cotton Bedding Sets Blending Elegant Design by Pierre Cardin with Turkish Oriental Chic

modern bedroom colors and satin bedding fabrics

Bed linens and comforters from French brand Pierre Cardin have won the love and affection of people around the world. The company designs luxurious home textiles and bedding fabrics that are timelessly elegant, classy and modern. These bedroom decor accessories come in attractive and original packaging, making great gifts for any special occasion. Beautiful bed linens from Pier Cardin come…

High Contrast Bedroom Decorating with Modern Bedding Sets in Black and White

black and white decorating ideas, black white bedding fabric

Black-and-white linens and decor accessories are a simple way to add bright contrasts to bedroom decorating and create a fantastic background for showing off unique and colorful details. Black and white bedding sets look timelessly classic and elegant, adding a sophisticated touch to modern trends in home decorating with black color. Black-and-white linens makes any bedroom design look classic, blending…

25 Modern Ideas for Bedroom Decoraitng and Home Staging in Eco Style

modern bedroom designs with natural materials and natural bedding fabrics

Modern bedroom decorating in eco style blends simple and beautiful ideas. Natural materials and room colors, natural bedding sets, house plants and natural decorating themes create gorgeous, spacious and airy home interiors that are interesting and relaxing, perfect for good night sleep. Stylish platform beds, salvaged wood and soft white and green colors create a wonderful combination for bedroom decorating…

30 Space Saving Beds With Storage Improving Small Bedroom Designs

bedroom furniture with storage

Designed for small spaces furniture help to create stylish interiors that are comfortable and elegant. Space saving beds with storage maximize available spaces and organize your rooms, decluttering and redecorating your home in an attractive, simple and neat style and creating peaceful, free of clutter small rooms for rest. The space saving beds that feature convenient storage spaces are a…

25 Hanging Bed Designs Floating in Creative Bedrooms

beds hanging from ceiling

Hanging bed designs are not new bedroom decorating ideas, but contemporary bedrooms show off extravagant and playful, creative and modern hanging beds built of new materials and with new technology to hold them on the wall or under the ceiling. Hanging bed designs change and evolve, defining interesting trends in home decorating with a wall mounted or hanging bed frame….

Modern Interior Design Ideas to Steal Creating Tropical Paradise

living room seating area and computer desk

These modern interior design ideas and gorgeous outdoor rooms can inspire you to add luxury and charm of Exclusive villas in Maldives to your home decorating, creating a relaxing and beautiful tropical paradise for vacationing at home. Modern interior design and chic decor creates spectacular and inviting rooms and outdoor spaces overlooking the wonderful blue waters. The Coco Privé resort…

22 Modern Bed Headboard Ideas Adding Creativity to Bedroom Decorating

floral wallpaper for wall decoration and bed headboard designs

Modern bed headboard ideas create beautiful focal points that enhance bedroom decorating with style, texture, color and creative design. The collection of 22 modern bed headboard ideas will help to choose the best headboard design for your bedroom decorating and transform a dull and boring wall into interesting and stylish. DIY bed headboard is the perfect accessory to your bed….

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