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Going Green, Modern Interior Decorating with Glass and Green Wall Design

modern interior design and wall decorating with green plants

Green wall design is a modern interior decorating idea that provide a quick face-lift and transform empty walls. Going Green with vertical gardens and Green wall design add a natural feel to modern interior decorating and create spectacular contemporary wall art. Lushome collected 20 Green wall design ideas that are amazing and modern. Green wall design changes the look of…

25 Vertical Landscaping Ideas Adding Spectacular Centerpieces to Backyard Designs

yard landscaping and garden designs

Yard landscaping and house exterior wall decorating with vertical elements look spectacular. Space saving vertical garden designs, adorned with climbing plants and flowers pergolas and Green walls are wonderful vertical landscaping ideas that create fabulous centerpieces and make a statement. Here is a charming collection of landscaping ideas, Lushome shares these wonderful design ideas to admire or use as inspirations…

20 Patio Ideas, Wooden Decks and Outdoor Rooms with Gorgeous Views

luxury homes with outdoor rooms

Here is 22 stylish patio ideas to design comfortable and luxurious outdoor rooms. Lushome shares these wonderful pictures that may inspire you to create a beautiful garden and outdoor seating areas, connecting your home interiors with beautiful surroundings. Most people think having a patio in your home is only for the rich people. Smart and simple patio ideas offer great…

Recycling Egg Shells for Miniature Vases, Green Easter Decorating with Spring Flowers and Plants

recycling egg shells for table decorations and flower centerpieces

Recycling egg shells for miniature vases offer great ideas for spring crafts and make Easter decorating eco friendly, natural and interesting. Egg shell vases provide wonderful containers for small spring flowers and plants and help create charming table decorations for Easter and all spring holidays. Lushome brings a collection of 25 Easter decorating ideas that demonstrate creative ways to recycle…

Stationary Window Designs, 20 Window Decorating Ideas with Glass Shelves

window shelves with house plants and flowers

Small stationary windows or large window designs with sections that do not open are ideal for home decorating with glass shelves. A few clear glass shelves can create beautiful displays with plants and flowers, ceramic and glass vases or other attractive items that you like to see in your rooms, garden shed, green house, kitchen or hallways. Glass shelves are…

20 Unique Garden Design Ideas to Beautify Yard Landscaping

unusual yard landscaping ideas

Unique garden design ideas bring interest into creative yard landscaping. Unusual garden boarders, planters, flower beds and garden stands beautifully accentuate garden design with surprising details and colorful elements. Lushome created a great collection of spectacular garden design ideas that are inspiring and unique. Unusual garden design ideas, combined with small decorative plants, flowers and shrubs, create fabulous backyards and…

22 Space Saving Ideas for Green Walls and Vertical Garden Design

green ideas for wall decorating with plants

Modern and eco friendly Green wall design ideas include space saving decorative vertical displays, created with outdoor and indoor plants, and vertical gardens which offer great space saving solutions for growing vegetables and edible herbs. Green wall design looks not only very attractive, but benefits human health and improve appearance of Green buildings and fences. Spectacular Green living ideas transform…

Recycling Leather for Plant Hangers and Spring Decorating in Eco Style

recycling ideas for home decorating with indoor plants and flowers

Recycling leather items for various home accessories offers great design ideas that are creative, eco friendly and inexpensive. Recycled crafts help to declutter homes, get rid of old and useless items and beautify spring decorating with surprising and charming handmade accents. Lushome found these recycled crafts at and wants to inspire its readers to design plant hangers from leather…

20 Coffee Table Decoration Ideas Creating Wonderful Floral Centerpieces

coffee table decorations and centerpieces with flowers

Lushome brings 20 beautiful coffee table decoration ideas that will inspire to create wonderful floral centerpieces, combined with other home decorations. These table decorations and centerpieces are versatile and great for all modern home interiors, give interior decorating a fresh and attractive look. Surprising blends of various home decorations into centerpieces for coffee tables enhance interior decorating with various textures…

Perfect Green Lawns and Yard Landscaping Ideas in Spring and Summer

yard landscaping ideas for spring green lawn

Green lawns and blooming flower beds are attractive backyard landscaping ideas for spring that improve curb appeal and beautify the way homes look. Simple and elegant green lawns and spring flowers that surround your outdoor seating areas look fresh, inviting and charming, offering great places to enjoy the nature in spring. Beautiful yards and green colors of fresh grass are…

Quick Room Makeovers, Lush Spring Decorating with Flowers and Indoor Plants

home staging and interior decorating with flowers and plants

Quick room makeovers with blooming flowers and indoor plants in attractive and creative containers are wonderful spring decorating projects that bring freshness and vivid colors into home interiors and create spring-like atmosphere in living spaces. Lushome shares a collection of simple and quick ideas for spring room makeovers with colorful flowers and indoor plants to add stylish and eco friendly…

25 Green Ideas for Spring Decorating with Containers for Growing Plants and Flowers

mothers day presents, containers for home decorating with flowers and plants

Green ideas for home decor enhance the beauty of rooms and outdoor living spaces, bringing freshness and eco-friendly chic into spring decorating. Attractive and modern ideas for growing plants and flowers in containers turn inexpensive spring home decorating projects into fun. Smart Green ideas transform home decor, add interest to spring decorating and save money, while offering cheap ideas for…

25 Beautiful Flower Arrangements for Simple and Meaningful Table Decoration

floral arrangements, table centerpieces with beautiful flowers

Beautiful flower arrangements are a simple and effective way to add drama to table decoration and create bright, festive and fresh dining room decor. Flower arrangements are unique, attractive and versatile table centerpieces which are suitable for all events, from holidays and anniversaries or romantic dining. Flowers speak love and beauty, they are the favorite table decoration ideas for any…

Creative Kitchen Decorating with Colorful Food and Yummy Food Replicas

modern kitchen decor ideas, edible decorations, food and replicas

Modern kitchen decorating ideas include healthy and simple solutions, like colorful food, recycled crafts and realistic food replicas. Lushome brings a collection of creative kitchen decorating ideas and tips to get your wheels turning for designing amazing, cheap, bright and unique kitchen decor with food. Modern kitchens can be dramatically transformed with one decor element that best describes these functional…

Charming Flower Pot Producing Rain Drops to Water Plants and Flowers

self watering wall mounted planters

Rainy Pot is a charming flower pot that evokes positive emotions and makes everyone smile. It looks like an ordinary planter, which can be mounted on the wall, and can be used as a Green home decoration. A wonderful detail, a cloud above the wall-mounted planter, makes this flower pot design look interesting and innovative. A white cloud produces rain…

15 Floral Table Centerpiece Ideas Recycling Colorful Fall Leaves

handmade floral table centerpieces recycling fall leaves

Colorful maple leaves make wonderful fall decorations for holiday tables, windows and door wreaths. Recycling maple leaves for handmade table centerpieces is a great way to enjoy fall crafts, show your creativity and resourcefulness and save money on fall decorating. This rose bouquet created with maple leaves looks surprising, bright and unique. Colorful leaves and a thread are all you…

33 Beautiful Flower Beds Adding Bright Centerpieces to Yard Landscaping and Garden Design

yard landscaping and backyard designs with flower beds

Flower beds are gorgeous elements of garden design. These traditional and beautiful elements can add charming look to any corner of the garden and create spectacular centerpieces, making your yard landscaping ideas more scenic, colorful and inviting. Flower beds can vary in sizes and shapes, allowing to personalize garden design and create pleasant and very different accents. Flower beds transform…

Modular System with Transforming Planter Stand for Small Container Garden Designs

flexible planter stand with containers for small garden design

This innovative modular system with planters for growing edible herbs, vegetables of flowers is designed for those who live in cities. Urban garden designs make cities look greener and friendlier. Small garden designs help people to connect with the nature and decorate outdoor living spaces with green plants and flowers. The bright and creative modular system includes a transforming frame…

30 Creative Fall Table Decorations and Centerpieces with Pumpkins and Gourds

handmade halloween decorations and thanksgiving centerpieces made with pumpkins and gourds

Fall table decorations and centerpieces created with pumpkins and gourds look very interesting and creative while adding a natural touch to your party decor. When you decorate for a Thanksgiving, birthday and Halloween party or any special event in fall, you can make beautiful vases from large and small pumpkins and gourds, plates and bowls that are decorative or used…

Colorful Home Decorating with Fall Flowers, Inspiring Fall Decorating Ideas

fall flowers in orange color

Fall flowers are wonderful home decorations that bring unique aroma, texture and color into home interiors. Home decorating with fall flowers is inexpensive and fun. Whether as outdoor ornaments and yard decorations or flower arrangements for interior decorating, you can never go wrong with adding fall flowers to your rooms in fall. Blooming in fall flowers show their beauty and…

20 Fall Decorating Ideas, Expert Tips for Making Halloween Decorations and Thanksgiving Centerpieces

homemade halloween decorations and thanksgiving centerpiece ideas

Natural Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving centerpieces are amazing, while offering inexpensive and unique items for fall decorating. Colorful and bright, familiar and festive, pumpkins and guards, combined with fall flowers, acorns, fall leaves and candles look fabulous. Fall decorating for the holidays if fun. Creative craft ideas, handmade fall flower arrangements, pumpkin Halloween decorations and Thanksgiving centerpieces with fall flowers…

20 Natural Halloween and Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece Ideas

halloween and thanksgiving decorating ideas, floral table centerpieces

Natural Thanksgiving table centerpieces are not only spectacular, but bot both dramatic and creative. Using pumpkins and gourds as vases for your floral arrangements, adding fruits and vegetables, lace and burlap, fall leaves, small plants and fall flowers in bright colors are modern ideas for Halloween or Thanksgiving decorating. Table decoration for the traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a turkey can…

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