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Invisible Fence that Reflects Beautiful Landscaping

reflective fence, modern landscaping ideas

This invisible fence almost boundlessly blends with surroundings, adding gorgeous reflections of fresh grass and trees in spring and summer, or colorful leaves in autumn to beautiful views. The Mirror Fence can be placed anywhere you like in your garden, front yard or backyard to highlight your natural garden design or reflect spectacular centerpieces and yard decorations. Lushome presents this…

25 Vertical Landscaping Ideas Adding Spectacular Centerpieces to Backyard Designs

yard landscaping and garden designs

Yard landscaping and house exterior wall decorating with vertical elements look spectacular. Space saving vertical garden designs, adorned with climbing plants and flowers pergolas and Green walls are wonderful vertical landscaping ideas that create fabulous centerpieces and make a statement. Here is a charming collection of landscaping ideas, Lushome shares these wonderful design ideas to admire or use as inspirations…

22 Beautiful Patio Ideas and Backyard Deck Designs Inviting to Enjoy Outdoor Living Spaces

backyard landscaping ideas and patio designs

Backyards look more inviting with attractive patios and gardens, inviting people to enjoy the fresh air and natural beauty in spring, summer and winter. Creative, cozy and comfortable patio ideas and backyard deck designs increase the functionality of outdoor living spaces and increase home values. Lushome brings modern patio ideas and backyard deck designs for medium-to-small spaces, turning them into…

20 Patio Ideas, Wooden Decks and Outdoor Rooms with Gorgeous Views

luxury homes with outdoor rooms

Here is 22 stylish patio ideas to design comfortable and luxurious outdoor rooms. Lushome shares these wonderful pictures that may inspire you to create a beautiful garden and outdoor seating areas, connecting your home interiors with beautiful surroundings. Most people think having a patio in your home is only for the rich people. Smart and simple patio ideas offer great…

20 Unique Garden Design Ideas to Beautify Yard Landscaping

unusual yard landscaping ideas

Unique garden design ideas bring interest into creative yard landscaping. Unusual garden boarders, planters, flower beds and garden stands beautifully accentuate garden design with surprising details and colorful elements. Lushome created a great collection of spectacular garden design ideas that are inspiring and unique. Unusual garden design ideas, combined with small decorative plants, flowers and shrubs, create fabulous backyards and…

22 Space Saving Ideas for Green Walls and Vertical Garden Design

green ideas for wall decorating with plants

Modern and eco friendly Green wall design ideas include space saving decorative vertical displays, created with outdoor and indoor plants, and vertical gardens which offer great space saving solutions for growing vegetables and edible herbs. Green wall design looks not only very attractive, but benefits human health and improve appearance of Green buildings and fences. Spectacular Green living ideas transform…

20 Beautiful Flower Beds Recycling Old Cars and Tires

how to reuse and recycle cars and tires for garden decorations

Large flower beds and garden sculptures adorned with lush plants are beautiful yard decorations. Flower beds created with old cars, bathtubs, small boats and car tires are a great way to recycle and decorate your outdoor living spaces. Lushome brings a collection of recycling ideas for old cars and turning them into spectacular blooming displays. Old cars, tires and large…

Outdoor Home Decorating Ideas and Light Blue Pink Color Combination

outdoor rooms, dining table and chairs, table decoration

Outdoor home decorating is fun. Light colors and strong contrasts, comfortable outdoor furniture and blooming flowers create pleasant and beautiful outdoor seating areas and give outdoor rooms that airy, cool and stylish look. Lushome shares a wonderful collection of outdoor home decorating ideas and a light blue-pink color combination, perfect for cottage style and ocean front home decor. The light…

Green Design Ideas, Solar Powered Beach and Garden Umbrellas

umbrellas with solar panels

Solar powered umbrellas are ideal for homes in warm and sunny climates. As the sun starts to shine brighter, these beach umbrellas open and offer shades. This interesting model is proposed by Studio Toer design company and called Cumulus Parasol. Lushome brings this wonderful design idea to its readers and shares pictures of the powered by solar panels beach and…

Modern Wall Stickers and Decals Change Garage Door Decoration

modern wall and door decorations, vinyl stickers and decals

Modern wall stickers change home interiors and outdoor decor, adding interest to walls and doors. Unusual, fresh and artistic garage door decoration with vinyl stickers beautifies outdoor home decor and create amazing optical illusions, visually stretching spaces. Lushome shares a few ideas for garage door decoration with wall decals and vinyl stickers to demonstrate new ideas and fun designs. Vinyl…

Fusion Chair Design Idea, Space Saving Multifunctional Outdoor Furniture Piece

modern chairs for outdoor living spaces and hikes

Modern outdoor furniture that is portable and multifunctional bring excellent items that make staying outdoors more comfortable and enjoyable. The Fusion Chair design idea that Lushome shares with its readers is a great example of beautiful, multifunctional and creative outdoor furniture for active lifestyle. The chair design features all items you will need for a pleasant hike and a picnic….

Foldable Cardboard Tents Offering Light Portable Shelters

recycling paper for making cardboard shelters

Cardboard tents are temporary shelters, designed for homeless people. The tents are a simple solution for them, offered by Californian nonprofit organization Cardborigami. The tent are portable and designed for warm weather. Lushome shares this design idea with its readers. The tent is a shelter that can be easily assembles and disassembles. Created for homeless people, the design idea of…

Perfect Green Lawns and Yard Landscaping Ideas in Spring and Summer

yard landscaping ideas for spring green lawn

Green lawns and blooming flower beds are attractive backyard landscaping ideas for spring that improve curb appeal and beautify the way homes look. Simple and elegant green lawns and spring flowers that surround your outdoor seating areas look fresh, inviting and charming, offering great places to enjoy the nature in spring. Beautiful yards and green colors of fresh grass are…

Spectacular Outdoor Swimming Pools Offering Freedom in Water Features and Backyard Designs

water features with outdoor lights, creative backyard designs

Some swimming pools look plain and lack interest. Other water features stand out, offering beautiful centerpieces for backyard designs. Unusual outdoor swimming pools add freshness and romantic charm to landscaping ideas and personalize modern backyard designs with unexpected twists in water features. Lushome shares a few gorgeous pictures of unusual swimming pools, inspired by violins. Outdoor swimming pools are excellent,…

30 Small Balcony Designs and Decorating Ideas in Simple and Beautiful Swedish Style

decorating outdoor living spaces in scandinavian style

Small balcony designs in Swedish style give great inspirations for creating and decorating outdoor living spaces. Small balcony decorating ideas in Swedish style help design very beautiful, simple and inviting outdoor rooms, perfect for enjoying warm days. Lushome brings a collection of attractive small balcony designs and 30 balcony decorating ideas in Swedish style. In northern countries, small balcony decorating…

Contemporary Hammock Chair, Woorock Hammock Swin

contemporary hammock chairs made with fabric and wood

Traditional and contemporary hammock chairs are wonderful pieces of outdoor furniture that can be used for interior decorating also. A hammock chair is an ingenious invention that brings fun into life and adds comfortable and playful furniture piece to home decorating. Woorock hammock chair is a stylish, gorgeous and seducing design that will be enjoyed in your backyard, garden or…

Amazing Villa with Beautiful Outdoor Rooms and Stunning Sea Views

glass and stone walls, outdoor rooms

This modern villa Stoliv offers wonderful home interiors with impressive outdoor rooms overlooking the Adriatic Sea and Montenegro mountains. This Villa is built in Montenegro. It is a gorgeous retreat with comfortable and inviting living spaces, perfect for relaxing lifestyle. Imagined by Enforma Studio,  in the shape of a sea shell, the villa is opening up towards the spectacular…

Exclusive Interior Design and Decor inside Oceanfront Luxury Home Built for Celine Dion

luxury home exterior design, outdoor swimming pool

These luxurious modern house was built for Celine Dion and her family. The oceanfront home is spacious and impressive, featuring stunning outdoor swimming pools, gorgeous outdoor living spaces and fabulous home interiors, enriched by panoramic views of the Atlantic ocean. This Florida estate is on sale for $72 millions. This exclusive, comfortable and modern house is the largest water front…

Recycling Ideas for Making Rustic Birdhouses from Salvaged Wood and Household Clutter

reclaimed wood birdhouses, diy recycling and craft ideas

Recycled crafts that turn clutter into treasure are fun for people and for birds. Here is a collection of creative recycling ideas for rustic birdhouses that look cute and surprising. Interesting handmade birdhouses are great yard decorations that make gardens and backyards eco friendlier and brighter. These rustic wood birdhouses are made from salvaged wood pieces and household items that…

Handmade Bird Feeders Recycling Clutter, 12 Recycled Crafts for Kids and Adults

recycling craft ideas for bird feeder designs

There is not reason to spend money on buying bird feeders. Creative recycling ideas help turn clutter into wonderful bird feeders, offering amazing designs and great craft ideas for kids and adults. Handmade bird feeders make wonderful gifts, inexpensive, eco friendly and very special. Handmade bird feeders are simple, but symbolic and meaningful. They show Green living attitude and teach…

Salvaged Wood Birdhouse Designs Adding Beautiful Yard Decorations to Winter Backyards

recycled crafts, recycling salvaged wood for birdhouses

These birdhouses look colorful and luxurious. The beautiful hanging birdhouse designs will please feathered friends and bird lovers, kids and adults, while adding bright and attractive yard decorations to backyard designs and making outdoor living spaces more eco-friendly and inviting in winter. Hanging birdhouses, that look like miniature homes for people, add romantic, fairy tale-like mood to backyard landscaping ideas…

Creative Recycling Ideas Turning Mail Boxes into Unique Yard Decorations and Art Works

handmade yard decorations to reuse and recycle clutter and junk

Creative recycling ideas can help transform an ordinary mail box into a spectacular artwork without spending a lot of money. Unusual, bright and interesting mail boxes are unique front yard decorations that are functional, interesting, surprising and welcoming. Recycling ideas may include mail box designs that reuse and recycle left over wooden and metal pieces, barrels and old toys, sport…

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