Vertical Stripes in Modern Interior Design, 25 Room Decorating Ideas

modern interior design with vertical stripes
Light neutral colors for stripes on walls, small bedroom decorating ideas


Vertical stripes are modern interior design trends. Painted one color walls and colorless wallpaper patterns provide great backgrounds for displaying unique and bright room furniture, but can look boring with ordinary home furnishings. Lushome collection of room decorating ideas demonstrate how to add beautiful vertical stripes that refresh interior design and decor in style.

Vertical stripes are a versatile technique for room decorating. These decoration patterns are suitable for large interior design and small spaces, for spacious room makeovers and decorating small apartments. Vertical striped raise the ceiling and bring attractive contrasts into modern interior design, and personalize room decorating ideas with color and organization.

Stripes can be added to room decorating ideas with complimenting or matching colors. Furniture upholstery fabrics with stripes, window curtains and blinds, lamp shades and wall painting, striped wallpaper patterns and decor accessories with stripes are wonderful ways to add elegant or playful stripes to modern interior design.

Modern interior design with stripes creating energetic mood

Modern interior design with vertical stripes

Accent wall design with turquoise blue and green stripes, small bedroom decorating with bright colors

Vertical stripes are very attractive and practical elements of room decorating. Vertical stripes raise the ceiling visually, can hide minor damage on the wall, refresh and brighten up interior design color schemes and define different functional zones.

Vertical stripes for visually higher ceiling designs

Black and white room decorating ideas, wide vertical stripes on walls

Vertical stripes create a pleasant optical illusion of more spacious rooms with higher ceiling designs. Vertical stripes on the walls extend spaces up and can be used for small room decorating with low ceiling design. Vertical stripes are great for attic bedrooms and bathrooms, closets and small kitchens. Vertical stripes are ideal for decorating small apartments with low ceiling designs.

Room decorating with stylish stripes

Hiding wall imperfections with vertical stripes

Vertical stripes on walls can help hide minor damages, rough spots and wall imperfections. Vertical stripes add contrasts to interior design color schemes and redirect the attention to the striking decoration patternsĀ  while making imperfections invisible.

Yellow stripes on walls, bedroom decorating ideas

Correcting room proportions with vertical stripes

Vertical stripes on walls can change room proportions visually and create more spacious and balanced room decorating. Colorful vertical stripes on walls are great interior design ideas that help alter the width and length of a room. Bright and dark stripes on walls make surfaces look closer, light neutral colors appear further, creating a longer room.

Stripes on walls, room decorating with stripes widths and directions

Stripes on walls for room corners

Striped on walls brighten up lacking interest room corners. Bright contrasts and light room colors, striped wallpaper patterns and painting stripes on walls are great interior design ideas for quick and impressive room makeovers, and creating beautiful accents walls or book shelves displays in room corners.

Purple flowers and stripes on walls, modern room decorating ideas for corners

Stripes on walls to define functional zones

22 ceiling designs with stripes, modern kids room decorating ideas

Vertical stripes on the walls can beautifully define different functional zones and accentuate modern interior design with striking decoration patterns and contrasting colors. Vertical stripes on the walls can visually separate your dining room or kitchen. A combination of stripped wallpaper patterns and wall painting single color is useful for creating different zones also.

Striped on walls for modern bathroom design
Accent wall design with stripes and tiles kitchen backsplash in matching colors, modern kitchen decorating ideas
Light neutral colors for stripes on walls, small bedroom decorating ideas
Accent wall design with colorful stripes, striped wallpaper for bathroom decorating

Purple flowers and stripes on walls, modern room decorating ideas for corners

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