Unusual Storage System Turning Hangers into Decorative Screens and Room Dividers

creative storage system made with wavy metal rods

Storage system made with wavy metal rods and hooks


Lushome presents a new design project, called HI Hangers, that create unusual storage system with wavy lines and metal rods. The design is developed in a collaboration of Italian studio Mathery and Australian designer Dale Hardiman, and shows their very creative, fresh and artistic attitude towards common, lacking interest, functional objects.

Hooks and hangers that create this unusual storage system are made of bent metal rods. The simplicity of the design and wavy lines turn the storage system into an interesting decorative screen that can add a unique accents to a bedroom or studio apartment. Wavy lines bring artistic forms into room decorating and turn the storage system into a decorative item.

The fresh design approach blends the functionality and creativity, allowing to combine hangers and wavy rods into clever decorative screens and room dividers with convenient storage. Space saving, interesting and playful storage system is especially practical as a storage solution for informal and multifunctional small rooms.

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Creative storage system

Modular storage system, Hi Hangers

The decorating design allows to add the storage system as a decoration instead of hiding it in a closet. These hangers are easy to use, clean and move. It is a great design idea that is clever, interesting and innovative.

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Storage system made with wavy metal rods and hooks

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  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 07.10.2014


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