Unique Furniture from Phillips Collection with Spectacular Stainless Steel Mosaic Tiles

coffee table with metal mosaic tiles

The Stainless Steel collection features unique furniture and decor accessories, dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, wall mirror frames and decorative vases, adorned with individually hand-cut shiny stainless steel mosaic tiles that cover these spectacular pieces in a puzzle-like pattern.

The Crazycut furniture from Phillips Collection reflects our life, filling living rooms with bright design and light. Each mosaic tile looks like a mirrors. The chrome finish reflects light and color and bounces them off, making a shining focal point in a room.

The Crazycut series by Phillips Collection, www.phillipscollection.com/ is perfect for bright contemporary interior decorating and creating bold, unusual and original rooms. The unique furniture collection includes furniture and decor accessories that can enrich interior decorating in minimalist style, adding stunning reflections and unusual mosaic tiles.

Unique furniture with metal mosaic tiles

Coffee table and side table decorated with stainless steel mosaic tiles

Striking and unique furniture design idea make these furniture and decor accessories true decorations. Adding them to interior decorating in eclectic style will create one of a kind modern interiors.

Stainless steel chair Nest, modern furniture design idea

Stainless steel tiles, metal tile designs for floor and wall decoration

Mirror frame decorated with stainless steel mosaic tiles
Metal coffee table and chair design with stainless steel mosaic tiles

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 24.01.2013