Unconventional Interior Design Ideas in Steampunk Style Inspired by Jule Verne Science Fiction Stories

interior design and decor in steampunk style
Unique lighting fixtures and dark brick walls



Interesting interior design ideas in steampunk style come from Romania. Joben Bistro, a peculiar pub with modern interiors in steampunk style is located in Cluj-Napoca and welcomes visitors to enjoy an amazing atmosphere inspired by science fiction novels by Jules Verne.

Unique interior design ideas and unconventional decor create an amazing world of science fiction. The fantasy pub features fantastic interior design that blend the mystery, old times and modern ideas. Lushome presents this unusual interior design and decorating ideas that give great inspirations to reuse, recycle, upcycle and create one-of-a-kind decor.

These creative interior design ideas are developed by Romanian design studio 6th Sense, and Joben Bistro represents one of the most interesting interior design works. Novel and surprising, modern interior design ideas and decor items in steampunk style blend simple chic of industrial designs with comfortable feel of comfortable decorating.

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Unique furniture design ideas recycling old naval mines for decorative items in steampunk style

Modern interior design ideas in steampunk style

Unconventional interior design and decor ideas in steampunk style

Interior decorating ideas are interesting, innovative and unique. The modern lighting fixtures and wall decor create unusual interiors, jazzed up with metal surfaces, brass and copper details and adventurous atmosphere.

Modern interiors feature a lot of eye-catching details that enhance interior decorating in steampunk style and create this unusual cave-like spaces to hang out with friends.

Unique vintage decor and wall decorations created with metal objects

Joben Bistro is divided in three rooms, each of which has its own personality. One of the rooms is created in vintage style and looks like an art gallery with old pictures hanging on the walls. The second room has a bar, concrete walls and plenty of steampunk installations. The last room is filled with whimsical and original objects that add even more interest to unconventional interior design.

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Mona table lamps, unique lighting fixtures in steampunk style

Soft light and dark walls create cozy atmosphere which are enhanced by adventurous and playful mood. Original wall decorations and modern furniture make a statement, bringing industrial simplicity and uniqueness of steampunk style into interior design.

Unique lighting fixtures and dark brick walls

  by Ena Russ   

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