Udderly Cute Milk Pitches, Bowls and Milk Packaging Design Ideas

white ceramic pitcher

White ceramic milk pitcher, modern tableware design


Cute milk pitchers and bowls made of glass and ceramic add fun to breakfast, afternoon tea and snack times, delighting children and adults. Udder-shaped milk pitchers and bowls add a country living charm to modern kitchen and table decoration. Udder-shaped milk packaging designs bring rural accents into urban lifestyle.

There are many various ceramic and glass milk pitchers that look udderly cute. Heffer Pitcher from Chia’sso is one of adorable milk pitcher designs.The designers describe it as udderly irresistible, and it is truly charming, functional and very decorative.

Its double walled glass design allows the milk pitcher show when it is filled with milk or empty. The pitcher is only 4 inches (or 10 cm) tall, which makes it convenient and light enough for children to use.  Its original appearance makes the milk pitcher a wonderful kitchen table decoration, no matter what drink is inside.

Unique milk pitchers, bowls and milk packaging design ideas

White ceramic milk pitcher, modern tableware design idea
Heffer pitcher makes a wonderful table decoration and a unique gift

Udderly cute bowls look gorgeous on kitchen and dining tables also. Transparent glass or milky white ceramic cowls add fresh accents to table settings. Milk drop shaped and udder shaped bowls are fun, creative and visually appealing tableware designs that make drinking milk a pleasure.

Milk splash or milk drop shaped bowls are great for cereals with milk or serving fruits. They add an interesting design and help create relaxing atmosphere of a country home. Various bowls are made by Frenchknicker, www.frenchknicker.de/ and they are just begging to be filled with food.

Udderly cute milk bowl design in black-n-white, creative modern tableware design trends

Milk is one of the most popular drinks that kids and adults enjoy. Designers create amazing milk packaging to make buying milk and using it more fun. Here is a collection of milk pitchers, bowls and milk packaging ideas that are amazing and amusing.

Pet house from Moissue that looks like a milk box

Sweet Play chocolate treats by Elsa Lambinet

Kitchen lighting design for coffee lovers

Hanging milk packaging idea, udderly cute Scandinavian design

  by Ena Russ   


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