Transparent Swimming Pools, Futuristic Contemporary Design Ideas

contemporary architectural designs
Sky pool design, view from the ground



Acrylic panels allow creating spectacular swimming pools that add a sense of fun to outdoor activities and give people a swim like no other. The transparency, the lightness of the contemporary design ideas make it possible to connect buildings with a swimming pool in an innovative way. Also, swimming pools provide beautiful views and turn the old and modern buildings into unique architectural designs.

Transparent swimming pools capture the imagination. Swimmers can see the ground, and people below can see the swimmers in the sky. The magical quality of see-through pools creates a sense of drama for swimmers and spectators alike.

Negative edge pool designs and spillover waterfalls

Spectacular rooftop pool design with glass walls

Telescopic glass enclosures for outdoor swimming pools

Invisible garden house designs, contemporary design ideas

Glass floor and ceiling designs

Transparency in contemporary swimming pool design

Contemporary architectural designs, transparent pools

Large, thick translucent slabs of acrylic create fascinating giant aquariums worldwide and offer new design materials for outdoor swimming pools. The material is perfect for the contemporary design that adds a futuristic vibe to the buildings and turns the water features into impressive and novel architectural designs.

Sky pool, Embassy Gardens Ecoworld, London
Sky pool, contemporary design with acrylic panels
Transparent swimming pool, London
Sky pool design, view from the ground
Panorama, Fernanda Marques Architecture, Brasil
Glass bottomed Sky pool, Texas
Emiliano Hotel, Rio-de-Janeiro, Brazil
Concrete swimming pool, Malta
Spectacular swimming pool design, Italy
Cantilevered transparent pool, Italian Alps
Cantilevered Sky pool, Noa Hotel Hubertus Dolomites, Italy

  by Ena Russ   

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