Top 5 Modern Interior Design Trends 2013 with Staying Power

living room design with red accents and ethnic wall decorations

Bright red accents, neutral color combination, unique and ethnic decorating accessories


Modern interior design trends change very quickly. It takes lots of time, money, and effort to follow them adding a contemporary flavor, fresh color, and stylish look to home interiors. Some interior design trends are spectacular but too expensive. Some new ideas disappear in a year or two. Here are five modern interior design trends for 2013 that are practical, easy to integrate into any space and have the power to stay. They are perfect for creating beautiful and stylish homes.

Modern interior design trends 2013 include trendy room colors, original floor and wall decoration techniques, and eco materials. Unique home decorating ideas that add personality to the spaces, original architectural features, and Green materials are modern trends giving the freedom of experimenting with various textures, color combinations, and designs.

Top 5 modern interior design trends 2013 include bright color accents combined with the neutral backgrounds, wall stickers, 3d wall tiles, cork and bamboo flooring ideas, original and unique furniture and decor accessories in contemporary, art deco, ethnic or vintage style.

Five modern interior design trends 2013

Bright red accents, neutral color combination, unique and ethnic decorating accessories

1. Neutral color with bold color accents

The neutral color tones and pale off-whites are excellent choices for creating a modern interior design in 2013. Beige, off-white, yellow cream, khaki or sand, and all gray color shades are timelessly elegant and beautiful choices for room colors. Neutral color calls for bright accents and bold decor accessories to create an intrigue which spices up a modern interior.

Red color accents are classy, dynamic and festive. Dark red color shades, reddish purple, and reddish pink color hues are excellent for accentuating a modern color design in 2013. Red accents brighten up interior color combinations, bring energy and excitement into home interiors, especially kitchens, kids rooms and living rooms.

Modern interior design trends and room colors, neutral color and red accents combination for bedroom decorating

Accents in royal blue color shades, rich tones of indigo, and sapphire blue color are modern interior color trends 2013. Light and dark blue hues are versatile, perfect for any room decorating, – home offices, family rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

2. Wall stickers and creative mirrors

Mirror wall stickers and vinyl stickers are modern wall decorations. The latest trends offer money-saving, quick and easy solutions for modern wall decor and call for creative DIY ideas that add interest to original and fresh home decorating.

Mmirror stickers for modern living room decorating

Mirror wall stickers are innovative decorative accessories blending functionality and creative design and offering stylish ways to accentuate modern interiors.

Vinyl wall stickers, two new original and modern wall decorating ideas

Mirror sticker, wall decor ideas for spacious room design

3. Cork and bamboo flooring ideas

Traditional softwood and hardwood floor, laminate, cork, and bamboo flooring materials are modern design trends 2013. Wood floors are popular choices, but cork and bamboo flooring ideas gain popularity also. Cork and bamboo are smart materials that are comfortable and Green. The natural flooring ideas add unique textures to modern interiors and help create comfortable eco homes.

Beautiful cork floor, eco-friendly interior design trends 2013

Contemporary and eco-friendly cork and bamboo flooring varies in textures, tile sizes, and colors, and offer many attractive ideas for the sustainable design. Beautiful, comfortable and healthy materials are ideal for modern eco homes.

Modern bamboo floor

4. 3d wall tiles

3d wall tiles add interest and depth to modern interiors. 3d wall tiles, made of various natural, recycled, and eco-friendly materials, look unusual, contemporary, and beautiful. 3d designs become inexpensive celebrating the innovative trends in wall decoration. 3d wall design changes the way a modern interior looks and feels. Glossy tiles reflect light and make the spaces appear brighter. Contemporary 3d wall tiles are excellent for emphasizing unique, creative, and modern interior design.

Red color accents and 3d wall tile designs, modern interior trends 2013
Modern wall designs with 3d tiles in bright colors

5. Original furniture and decor accessories

Unique furniture and accessories brighten up the spaces, add interest to home decorating, and bring attractive combinations of decoration patterns into homes. Colorful finishes, textiles, and home fabrics attractively complement existing room colors. The classic interior design is a modern style choice also. Original decor accessories, unique furniture, ethnic details, and bold architectural elements revive the classic style. A fusion of styles add interest to modern interior design and set new trends for 2013. Creative and unexpected details are perfect for personalizing modern interiors and making rooms feel intimate and stylish.

Colorful and unique ethnic interior decorating accessories

Ethnic interior decorating ideas, geometric patterns, designer furniture, decor accessories, unique lighting, handmade home decorations, and original wall art create spectacular and exclusive interiors. Wall clocks, curtains, decorative pillows, embroidery designs and knitted upholstery create one-of-a-kind collections of items celebrating the modern interior design trends 2013.

Decoration patterns, stripes, and waves, black-n-white color combination, mirror wall stickers, stylish color accents in blue

Functionality mixed with originality, surprising details, and eco-friendly materials create impressively inviting, personalized, and elegant rooms. Beautiful modern homes feel comfortable blending unique features with healthy, colorful, and Green design.

  by Ena Russ   

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