TO 10 Latest Trends in Modern Rugs, Stylish and Fresh Floor Decoration Ideas

contemporary carpets design ideas
Contemporary carpets, original design ideas


Here are the latest trends in decorating with modern carpets. After carefully studying the new designs and floor-decoration ideas in floor coverings, Lushome sums up what makes carpets modern. Calming colors, vibrant hues, complex patterns, classic stripes, high-pile, and sculptured designs offer myriad unique ways to refresh floor decoration and add a stylish look to your rooms and outdoor seating areas. Look at double-sided floor rugs and creative ideas for layers with a few carpets. These are convenient floor decoration ideas. You can rearrange rugs and create a different mood when tired of the old look.

Check out the Lushome collection of stylish floor rugs that reflect the latest trends in carpet design. Designers advise choosing home furnishings in order from largest to smallest. A floor rug is a significant interior decorating element and is an excellent place to start. The interior can be created in neutral colors if you like a bright carpet. Adding a neutral rug with a complementary pattern is an excellent idea if you work with existing decor.

Colorful rugs, sculptured designs

How to select rug sizes for your floor decoration

Contemporary carpets, modern flooring ideas

Modern rugs

Contemporary carpets, geometric designs, neutral colors

1. Natural and neutral colors

Calm shades are carpet classics, timelessly elegant designs for all times. Today, designers suggest using complex earthy and neutral colors, like graphite gray, off-whites, vanilla, green, mustard, terracotta, wood brown colors, and stone hues.

Modern floor decoration ideas, contemporary rugs

Vintage decor accessories and modern ideas, beautiful floor rugs

Spectacular sculptured rugs, modern ideas for kids’ rooms

2. Floor rugs in irregular shapes

Irregularly shaped carpets created a phenomenon and have become very popular lately.

Colorful floor rugs with geometric designs in irregular shapes

3. Round carpets and rounded edges

Round rugs and rounded edges can soften and harmonize interior decorating. These decorative accessories look wonderful without furniture, creating beautiful accents in rooms.

4. Complex patterns

Carpets with complex geometric patterns make fabulous accents. If you choose a rug with a vibrant design, add cushions, curtains, and other decor accessories in a plain, neutral color.

Modern rugs with complex patterns in bright colors

5. Low pile carpets

Practical low-pile carpets and water-resistant designs are easy to clean and are favored for low maintenance.

6. High-pile floor rugs

The opposite trend brings long pile, fur-like carpets that are soft, tactile, and pleasant but hard to keep clean. High-pile carpets are difficult to clean but offer beautiful aesthetics.

Living room design, floor rug in a solid neutral color

7. Sculptured rugs

Carpets with sculptured designs created with low-pile and high-pile elements look fantastic. These contemporary rugs feature geometric and abstract ornaments and colorful designs, although modern rugs in neutral colors also look fantastic.

8. Layering

Layering is trendy. The main, largest carpet can be in a neutral color without striking ornaments. You can put another floor rug that is visually more complex on the top. A bright color, a different shape, texture, or design creates an attractive arrangement. The largest carpet with a short pile provides a beautiful canvas to create a unique floor decoration and improve floor insulation.

Contemporary floor decoration with two rugs

9. Pompoms and fridges

Pompoms and fridges add a playful look to modern rugs and offer original ways to lighten up interior decorating.

Modern floor rug with fringes

10. Asymmetry

Rectangular, square, oval, and round carpets are the most popular, but asymmetrical shapes create eye-catching accents. Also, asymmetrical patterns are excellent for decorating modern interiors.

Contemporary carpets, original design ideas

Modern carpet trends include extra-large carpets, jute fibers, and abstract designs. Animal, insect, bird, fish, floral, and artwork-inspired rugs are other beautiful, exciting, and stylish choices for modern floor decoration.

  by Ena Russ   

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