Stylish House in Texas Connecting Modern Interior Design with Lush Landscape

wood furniture for dining

Dining furniture, contemporary pendant lights and sliding glass doors to stone patio


Modern interior design of this luxurious and stylish home invite the nature inside and enrich rooms with spectacular views of natural landscape and lush vegetation. Pleasant and beautiful house design in Texas is a wonderful project by Dick Clark Architectur,

Beautiful Skyline House in Texas features a breathtaking panoramic view over the city, offering tranquil and peaceful place to live in Austin. This modern house design is envisioned as a harmonious connection between the nature and home interiors.

Surrounded by charming oak trees the modern house feels calm and inviting. Modern interior design incorporates large windows and sliding glass doors, showing the abundance of lush vegetation and creating an elegant and comfortable retreat on a hill just minutes away from the city.

Contemporary living space with high ceiling design and lots of windows

Dining furniture, contemporary pendant lights and sliding glass doors to stone patio

Modern interior design ideas include contemporary finishes and natural materials, stylish furniture and decor accessories, simple lighting and functional storage spaces, functional layout and gorgeous decorative details.

The modern house design features a long and linear shape, offering contemporary open living space that feels airy and luxurious. Beautiful patio design and backyard landscaping increase the effect, blending the natural surroundings with modern interior design and creating a perfect place for relaxing lifestyle.

Stone patio design with unique fireplace and white outdoor furniture

Window designs for modern houses, magnificent  glasswork in residential architecture

Small house design with large window seat

Lake house design with open ceiling beams and large terrace, modern houses

Modern interior design and beautiful backyard ideas

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 11.02.2013