Striped Wallpaper and Home Decorating Fabrics Changing Interior Design Mood with Stripes

floor rug with black and white stripes

Striped home fabrics for black and white home decorating


Striped wallpaper and home decorating fabrics are modern interior design ideas that help balance room proportions, add exciting  decorative accents and energy to room decor. Energetic and stylish interior design with stripes on walls and furniture is great for those who like powerful room decorating ideas.

Modern room decorating ideas that include painted stripes on walls, striped wallpaper, home decorating fabrics and furniture with stripes, offer a quick and inexpensive way to create an amazing change with pleasant optical illusions of a large and brighter or cozier and more comfortable interior design.

Striped home decorating fabrics and textiles, towels and curtains, decorative cushions and throws, vases and floor rugs are the quickest and simplest way to add stripes to your home interior design. Wall paint, brushes, rollers and tape, – that’s all you need for painting dramatic and powerful stripes on walls, furniture, floor or ceiling.

Modern interior design with stripes

Floral design on striped wallpaper in blue color, modern room decorating ideas, inspired by nature

If you are not experienced with paint and brushes, then use striped wallpaper patterns and home decorating fabrics to add more energy to your beautiful home. Striped wallpaper patterns look gorgeous with bedding fabric and curtains, decorative cushions and throws, chair covers and floor rugs in matching colors, bringing energetic mood and positive attitude into your home.

Painting stripes on walls or decorating with striped wallpaper patterns dramatically change the way room decor looks ad feels. Vertically striped wallpaper patterns are great room decorating ideas that create surprising door, mirror and wall decor.

Decorating door and mirror frame with striped wallpaper in blue and white colors

Straight or artistic, wavy and zigzag stripes on walls, home decorating fabrics and furniture can change the room mood from dynamic and energetic to soft and romantic.

Modern interior design with stripes

Modern room decorating ideas with stripes

Black and white or colorful striped wallpaper patterns, modern home decorating fabrics and furniture with stripes can bring relaxing mood into modern interior design in light calming colors or energize and enrich room decorating ideas with bold color combinations and strong contrasts.

Black and white stripes for classy dining room decorating

Stripes on walls, created with floral and inspired by nature striped wallpaper patterns, like tree trunks and branches, are attractive room decorating ideas that look organic and pleasant, while adding the depth to modern interior design.

Stripes on walls

Striped wallpaper and home decorating fabrics

Striped decorating fabrics, combined with charming floral bedding in matching colors, add more interest and organization to soft room decorating ideas. Stripes on walls, combined with floral home decorating fabrics, furniture upholstery, window curtains, decorative cushions and throws, tablecloth and napkins,, offer elegant, classy and sophisticated room decorating in matching colors.

Modern striped wallpaper with tree pattern in yellow and black

Stripes for creative room decorating

To create impressive contemporary living room design divide the wall into few rectangular blocks of various sizes, then paint them different colors or decorate with striped wallpaper patterns.

Stylish striped fabrics and room decorating ideas for windows ad floor

Striped wallpaper patterns for modern room decor

Select beautiful wallpapers and your favorite interior design colors to match your existing room decor accessories and furniture and create striking and unique modern interior design.

Striped home fabrics for black and white home decorating

The wall decoration with stripes feel exciting and inspiring, and colorful blocks, created with paint, striped wallpaper or decorative fabrics on wall panels, look fabulous.

Room decorating with stripes is trendy, powerful and decorative. Modern interior design ideas, that include painted stripes on walls or striped wallpaper, home decorating fabrics or furniture with stripes feel dynamic, exciting and interesting.

WHite and blue striped wallpaper and white living room furnishings

Modern interior design with stripes helps to balance rooms proportions, add modern color accents or color combinations and feel the room with energy. Striped room decorating ideas are a way to change mood in the room, whether for modern interior design or home staging.

Striped wallpaper and home decorating fabrics, painting stripes on walls and adding striped home accents dramatically change change your living room or bedroom decor, transform dining room decorating ideas and bathroom design, create wonderful kids room decor and offer gorgeous interior design ideas for entryways, making your home interiors more interesting, energizing and beautiful.

  by Ena Russ   

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