Smart and Modern Interior Design with Room Dividers Creating Multifunctional Spaces

modern interior design with room dividers



Modern room dividers vary in styles, materials, and sizes, bringing functional and decorative designs into modern interiors. Room dividers can improve large and small spaces, add character to any home and create comfortable, stylish, multifunctional interiors. Lushome shares a collection of original room dividers, tips, and inspirations for creating functional, comfortable and contemporary living spaces.

An attractive room divider is a modern interior design element that adds a contemporary vibe to open living spaces, creates different zones, improves the functionality of home interiors and offers a versatile solution for bringing visual interest into multifunctional spaces. A room divider helps maximize available spaces in small rooms and give unique character to the interior design.

While creating functional zones, decorative room dividers offer stylish and practical solutions to harmonize open living spaces and bring coziness into spacious interiors. Partition walls, fabric curtains, sliding wood panels, fireplaces, sliding glass panels, decorative shelving units, and other room furniture pieces make beautiful room dividers to create multifunctional, comfortable and modern living spaces.

Aquariums as stylish room dividers

Room dividers and modern interior design ideas

Contemporary home by Paul De Ruiter Architects, glass wall design, Villa K in Germany

Impressive glass dividers look great in modern home interiors. Partition wall design is perfect for spacious rooms, and traditional decorative screens, space saving shelving, curtains and furniture with storage are ideal for small rooms. Light and attractive space dividers stretch rooms visually, while dramatic, eye-catching and stylish space dividers complement an airy feel of open lofts and large contemporary interiors.

Dividers can improve small apartment ideas and create functional and bright living spaces. A simple and elegant room divider, which does not block a window and allows plenty of natural light, brings coziness and comfort into a room while emphasizing open and multifunctional interior design.

Old house redesign in Montreal by Architecture Open Form, creative room dividers

Partition walls allow creating beautiful design elements which improve the functionality of modern interiors and add visual interest to living spaces. Glass, wood, and plastic are attractive materials turning partitions into stylish accents.

Room dividers and partition walls in modern interiors

Room dividers and walls painted contrasting colors beautifully define different areas. Contrasting and complementing color combinations are sophisticated and efficient techniques used to brighten up living spaces and give a dramatic look to home interiors. You can use two or three colors to create a well-matching room divider and a spectacular centerpiece for your home decorating.

Modern apartment ideas by Filip Deslee, room dividers for separating contemporary interiors

Shelving units are versatile, attractive, space-saving room dividers, suitable for all interior design styles, apartments, homes, large and small rooms. Shelving units clearly define different functional zones, offering practical and stylish ideas for personalizing modern home interiors.

25 room dividers with shelves maximizing small spaces

Room dividers in contrasting colors use a color design for defining different functional zones. Contrasting and complementing color design is a sophisticated and smart technique which helps to brighten up living spaces, improve functionality and look of interior design. You can use two or three room colors to create well matching and spectacular centerpiece for your room decorating.

Space saving room dividers, sliding panels in modern house with passive solar features in Australia designed by Archterra Architects

Space dividers can bring beautiful textures, unique designs, and trendy colors into modern interiors. Attractive accessories, mirrors, paintings, and green houseplants can adorn partition walls and screens. There are many various ways to highlight unique designs. Matching the decor colors and style make a room divider ideal for creating functional zones in your home and harmonizing you living spaces.

Creative room dividers for modern bathroom design by Interirrium Design Studio
Space saving room dividers with storage, mountain guest house design by Dom Architectura in Spain
Beautiful room dividers for modern interior design, dining room by Interierium Design Studio
Narrow apartment ideas by Lava Architectural firm, Australia
Sliding wood panels, large room dividers for multifunctional interior design
Hanging staircase design, creative room dividers for contemporary home interiors

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