Small House Design Ideas, Functional and Modern Small Spaces in Minimalist Style

attic office for two

Small home office for two, attic with inclined roof windows


A small house feels like a cottage lost in the beautiful countryside and offering stress-free style for happy people. The cozy and warm small rooms create a small functional home built in Bratislava with natural wood. The country house design is inexpensive and feels inviting. The small spaces are bright and comfortable. Large window designs provide pleasant views and invite sunshine into the home interiors.

The wooden house is the work by architectural studio JRKVC in Slovakia. The traditional house design is ideal for people who appreciate the functionality and comfort and do not want to shock their neighbors by futuristic ideas. The elegant simplicity and functionality blend with natural materials creating a modern house with lots of space for various activities, for rest, work, and entertainment.

Small house designs offering inexpensive and comfortable lifestyle

Small cabins and house designs for DIY projects

Cozy small spaces on wheels

The space-saving house design features two floors. Polished concrete of the ground floor sends a contemporary vibe, while the wood floors on the upper level add warmth to the comfortable and bright rooms. The minimalist interior design is the perfect trend in decorating small spaces. The small kitchen is functional, and the living room offers everything a person needs for a comfortable, relaxing life.

Glass wall design, small spaces


The home office design features a glass wall and warm plywood walls. Large window designs and natural wood harmonize the interior design and make small spaces feel cozy and modern. The practical, space-saving approach to the little house design is ideal for creating cheap, comfortable, and modern home interiors.

Small kitchen design with wooden cabinets
Dining area
Wall shelves
Small home office for two, attic with inclined roof windows
Small bathroom in black and white
Bedroom and bathroom design
Small house with a porch
Glass wall design, modern small spaces

  by Ena Russ   

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