Small Bathroom Design, Big Ideas and Perfect Solutions for Small Spaces

small bathroom design
Space-saving bathroom fixtures for small rooms



A small bathroom design can look spacious and comfortable if adequately organized. The small spaces can be elegantly functional and stylishly simplified for comfort. If you are looking for small bathroom remodeling inspirations and space-saving ideas, here is the Lushome collection of small bathrooms that offers perfect solutions.

The bathroom and toilet can be separated or divided by a partition wall. This is a convenient solution for a few people living in a small apartment. A small bathroom with a toilet is a common alternative that is more spacious and comfortable.

Modern bathroom remodeling ideas maximizing small spaces

Small bathroom design ideas

Modern bathroom fixtures and new design ideas

Small bathroom design

Double sink vanity and vertical wall mirrors

Shower cabin vs. bathtub

Wawantsigns are perfect solutions if you are looking for extra space in your small room. Convenient and modern walk-in shower designs are ideal for families with children and older people.

Bright and beautiful small bathroom design ideas

Space-saving ideas, small bathroom layouts

Small bathroom remodeling ideas and inspirations for creating modern interiors

Compact bathroom features

The space-saving bathroom features are perfect solutions for small rooms. Space-saving designs make the interior lighter and more comfortable.

Small bathroom fixtures

Storage solutions

Under-sink cabinets with shelves or drawers and wall shelves are great ideas for storing things you need in your bathroom.

Space-saving ideas for small bathroom design, under-sink cabinet

Bathroom colors

Light colors are ideal for decorating a small bathroom. Also, you can use whites and two or three light colors to add interest to your small bathroom design.

Pink accents, white bathroom cabinet, and tiled mirror in green

Bigger mirrors

Bathroom wall cabinets with mirrored facades and large wall mirrors help visually enlarge the space, creating a pleasant optical illusion of infinity at eye level.

Space-saving bathroom sink

Space-saving shelves

Shelves in wall niches can further save space in small rooms. Mirrored walls and glass shelves increase the space-stretching effect.

Space-saving ideas for small bathroom design

Modern bathroom lighting fixtures

A few lighting fixtures are a must in small spaces. The room looks much smaller with one lamp, as deep shadows in the corners hide its size. Illuminated mirrors and additional lighting fixtures on shelves create a bright and spacious look.

Modern bathroom mirror

Bathroom storage and organization

Shelves and storage racks are preferable in a small bathroom. Open storage solutions are perfect for small interiors, as cabinet doors can visually shrink the space.

Space-saving bathroom fixtures for small rooms

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