Sculptured Colorful Wood Furniture, Design Ideas and Creative Painting by Donna Wilson

sculptured modern chair

Sculptured wooden chair


Abstract Assembly is a collection of sculptural, colorful, hand-painted wood furniture and mirrors designed by Donna Wilson who has enjoyed a successful career in creative textiles. Her whimsical decoration patterns and vibrant color combinations transformed fibers into beautiful artworks. The contemporary furniture collection is a fresh blend of geometric shapes, bold patterns and colors, a result of experimentation with wood and original furniture decoration ideas. Lushome presents the playful wood seats and mirrors, the designs debuted during London Design Festival.

The designer transformed her abstract paintings into wood furniture decoration. These hand-assembled pieces, seats, and mirrors look original and cheerful.  A wooden bench, chairs, and mirrors envisioned in organic shapes, and bold colors are a reinterpretation of the watercolor paintings and wood furniture turning traditional home furnishings into stunning pieces. The natural beauty of oak, beech, and Douglas fir enhances the appeal of the seats and mirrors. Hand-painted wood furniture and decor accessories are available in a limited edition of just ten pieces in different colors.

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Designer furniture, hand-painted collection Abstract Assembly by Donna Wilson
Sculptured wooden bench
Sculptured wooden chair
Original wall mirror, sculptured wood, colorful painting idea

  by Ena Russ   


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