Sculptured Wood Shelving Unit, Coffee Table and Wooden Chairs by Ammar Kalo

sculptured modern furniture, birch, maple, plywood

Stratum chair

Modern furniture blends functionality and art, making decor looks unique and fabulous. Lushome presents two beautiful designs, a coffee table and a shelving unit created without hardware, and wooden chairs with untreated camel leather seats by Ammar Kalo. Nature inspired, skillfully crafted and artistic furniture designs demonstrate the beauty of wooden texture, bring fabulous patterns into interiors, and create harmonious but original spaces with modern furnishings.

The wood furniture, designed by Ammar Kalo, are sculptural pieces that look unusual while presenting the ordinary, warm, familiar furniture design material. Unique design ideas and outstanding craftsmanship make the modern furniture items extraordinary.

The Multi-Tier Shelf leaves an impression as if each shelf top grows through another as a living organism. The large holes and joints create this stable construction without any hardware connections. Custom-designed solid brass connectors allow the legs to fold down for flat-pack shipping. The shelves feature untreated camel leather collars that hug the legs against sliding and ensure easy assembly. Rubber soles prevent the legs from collapsing creating an opportunity to add another shelf later.

Creative and modern furniture showing beauty of solid wood

Wooden walls and wood furniture

Sculptured wood furniture

Folding flat shelving unit, no hardware assembly

1. No hardware wooden shelves

The maple wood and camel leather work well together creating a natural feel and organically growing effect. Gorgeous shapes and wood patterns make the shelving unit look spectacular and stylish, adding chic to interior design.

2. Coffee table

The coffee table delights with a combination of soft curves and angled shapes. The functional wooden furniture piece shows off the elegance of maple texture and offers a stylish accent for modern living room design.

Wooden coffee table

3. Sculptured wood chairs

The Stratum chair expresses an organic design in an artistic style while taking advantage of advanced furniture design technologies. Comprising of two interlocking parts the seat folds offering a space-saving solution for small rooms. Strategic carving reveals the fascinating patterns of laminated plywood and three legs emphasize delicate balance and unique furniture design.

Stratum chair

The Stratus armchair shows off the gorgeous look of Baltic birch plywood under a semi-gloss clear coat and creates a comfortable seat with a camel leather cushion.

Baltic birth armchair with camel leather cushion

  by Ena Russ   

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