Recycling Metal and Wood for Unusual Home Decorating

recycling for home decorating and modern furniture

Recycling salvaged wood for storage furniture


Recycling comes so naturally to creative and artistic people. Packaging, old furniture, metal cans, salvaged wood, and fabrics are fabulous materials for home decorating. Garage sales offer plenty of junk that can be turned into unique items for modern home decorating. Recycled crafts, upcycled items, and reused things show personally and demonstrate creative ways of transforming unwanted clutter in your house into something beautiful and useful. Check out new Green designs and get inspired.

Recycling is enjoyable and practical. People benefit from making and owning recycled items in many ways. Unusual objects add fun to life. Upcycled design ideas help us get rid of scraps. Recycling junk and clutter saves the environment. Here are a few new twists on items you may have in your house or yard.

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Metal rim and salvaged wood, DIY wall clock

Food tins, beer cans, newspapers, glass bottles, metal barrels, reclaimed wood pieces, cardboard packaging, all the materials can go to landfills or turn into functional and original things, perfect for home decorating. All that potential for recycling should not be wasted as a consequence of our ignorance or laziness. Green ideas to reuse and recycle change human minds and teach kids to appreciate the planet.

Original recycling idea for miniature wall bar design

Metal barrel sink or chandelier look eccentric by some of us, but others learned the wisdom of recycling and appreciation of DIY Green design. Tin cans can turn into table lamps, and old cassettes make original night lighting fixtures. We can reuse and recycle everything, from old car shells to salvaged wood pieces, and transform the junk into beautiful and modern furniture. People are moving in the right direction, demonstrating impressive creativity in recycling and eco-friendly design.

Recycling for DIY modern furniture

Recycling salvaged wood for storage furniture
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Metal barrel chandelier, DIY lighting design idea

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