Portable Folding Home Furnishings, Carry Home Design Idea for Contemporary Nomad Lifestyle

folding stool

Portable home furnishings, designed for Carry Home project, come as small bags and flat packages and provide all a traveler needs for furnishing empty small rooms, from stools, tables and beds to storage furniture, home organizers and lighting fixtures.

Carry Home design is ideal for students and travelers, for all who can not afford a hotel room, but want to create comfortably furnished small rooms. The Carry Home is a set of furniture and lighting fixtures that you can bring with you anywhere you go and easily assemble.

Carry Home design idea from CargoCollective, cargocollective.com/carryhome is about creating a home for contemporary nomads lifestyle. Also it is great for all people who do not have enough money to stay in expensive cities, like Tokyo, while visiting.

Folding room furniture, home organizers and lighting fixtures

Folding home furnishings, room furniture and lighting fixtures
Portable home furnishings for contemporary nomad lifestyle

All furnishings can be folded as baggage or to store away. Perfect ad additional seats and beds for sleepover parties, these furniture design ideas show great potential.

Room furniture design for comfortable life as we understand it

Modern mobile home design featuring a folding structure

Folding stools for small rooms, compact space saving furniture

Unfolded furniture and lighting fixtures are demonstrated in a container box at the exhibition Tokyo Designers Week 2012.

Container home, folding room furniture, lighting fixtures and home organizers for contemporary nomads

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 23.10.2016