Popular Interior Design Colors Reflecting Latest Trends in Fashion and Art

orange color for living room design and decor
Soft orange colors for living room furnishings and accent wall



Modern room colors and interior design trends change and evolve since designers and customers love to experiment with new ideas, decor styles, textures, patterns and color combinations, creating unique, meaningful, comfortable and beautiful living spaces. It is a bit difficult to choose the best interior design colors for your home that will emphasize originality of your home in the best way, ornament and renew the house with color.

All color hues are beautiful and great to decorate with, but popular interior design colors reflect current mood and latest trends, creating fun color schemes that creatively interpret events and changes in life. Modern room colors are a way to show personality and demonstrate unique style while blending new ideas and individual preferences into modern interior design that look contemporary and interesting.

Modern interior design ideas are inspired by new technology and innovative art, which influence color design and home decorating ideas also. 2014 room colors will create a stylish palette with light blue and bright blue color shades, soft pinkish peach and orange colors, light to dark pastel green color tones, bright yellow, pale purple colors, combined with light neutral colors, like light gray color tones and beige, black and white.

Popular interior design colors

Most popular room colors 2014

Popular interior design colors look familiar and comfortable, blending last year color shades with fresh, exciting or calming hues. Inspired by fashion and contemporary art, current events and innovations, fresh and stylish room colors create fabulous color combinations and modern interior design color schemes for various decor styles.


Light blue and bright blue colors

Modern blue paint color for wooden kitchen cabinets, latest trends in color design

Modern light blue color, Placid Blue, is popular with 17 % of designers. Airy sky blue color tones are comfortable and cool. Light blue colors are versatile, suitable for all interior design styles. 14 % of designers prefer to use bright blue color.

Top 10 modern interior design trends and stylish room colors

Dazzling blue is widely used around the world, adding energy and bright look to interior design and products. Dazzling blue is bold and versatile, and can be attractively mixed with Magenta Purple for creating balanced and exciting color schemes.

Living room furniture upholstery fabric, decorative cushions and wall in blue colors

Magenta Purple, Violet Purple color and pale tones

Modern interior design with rainbow color combinations

Violet Tulip is a purple color which feels nostalgic, tender and romantic. Magenta purple blends romance and mystery into fantastic interior design color schemes, adding unexpected twist and Bohemian look to modern home decorating.

Magenta purple wall paint, wallpaper with butterflies images and chair upholstery fabric in pale purple colors
Bohemian decor in pink and purple colors

Purple Haze is a pale purple color which looks calming and tender. Blended with light neutral colors, creamy white or light gray, pale purple createы soft and soothing interior design color schemes.

Bathroom decorating with fabric prints in modern pastel green and pale purple colors

Sunny yellow color shades

25 dazzling interior design and decorating ideas, modern yellow color combinations

Freesia Yellow is excellent for bright, warm and happy accents. High voltage color shades improve mood and add optimism to interior design color schemes.

Yellow wall paint, black and white wallpaper, white home furnishings, modern interior design and room colors

Pastel green color tones

7 popular decorating color combinations

Deep green color tones add pastels to 2014 interior design color palette. Inspired by green leaves, Comfrey Pantone color is impressive and masculine.

Blue and green bedding set, wall art with birds images in modern green color tones

Soft orange color shades

20 most popular decorating colors, modern interior color trends

Soft orange color shades are inspired by juicy fruits. Beautiful, warm and optimistic orange colors create gorgeous accents and brighten up modern interior design color schemes. Pinkish orange Cayenne hue is energetic,romantic and a little bit exotic.

Living room furniture in creamy white color, decorative cushions with soft orange accents

Bright orange Celosia Orange hue is inspiring and adventurous color. These modern room colors are versatile and suitable for men and women, creating stunning home decorating that cheers up and pleases everyone.

Soft orange colors for living room furnishings and accent wall

Neutral colors, beige and light gray color

4 modern interior color trends and design ideas

Elegant gray color is popular and timelessly stylish. Almost 15 % of designers include soft and classy Paloma gray into their color schemes. Sand beige is blends the elegance of neutral colors with warmth of brown color, offering a wonderful alternative for a pleasant background color or working well as an accent color in black and white rooms.

Living room design in neutral colors, beige, creamy white, light gray and black home furnishings

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