Playful Furniture Design and Storage Ideas from Mattis Esnault Mix Color and Functionality

pouf transforming into baskets and bags

Colorful contemporary furniture and storage ideas, poufs from Zig collection

Multifunctional furniture design is created by Mattis Esnault. The contemporary furniture collection is colorful, interesting and innovative, offering functional and playful storage ideas. These decor items turn from poufs to furniture covers, or can be used as storage baskets and bags.

These unique furniture design ideas are inspired by interaction that creates positive emotions, reminding exciting games and bringing happy childhood memories into room decor. Playful multifunctional decor accessories from the colorful Zig collection by Mattis Esnault, mattisesnault.wix. com/designer#!design/ look very unusual, like exotic marine animals or mysterious plants.

Colorful and exciting, the contemporary furniture design reminds exotic flowers that swallow insects, and can swallow lots of things, proving attractive storage baskets and bags, perfect for simple, interesting and stylish interior decorating.

Colorful poufs transforming in storage baskets and bags

Colorful contemporary furniture and storage ideas, poufs from Zig collection
Creative storage ideas for colorful interior decorating, storage baskets and pouffs

A stretchable tube Zig is a unique decor item, inspired by a long bag and designed for creative storage. It can be used as a laundry basket or a toy, adding ideal accessory to kids room decorating. These amazing poufs are 3-in-1 furniture items that can be transformed into an ottoman, a large pillow for playing on the floor, a chair-bag or a toy.

Creative furniture design features a flexible spring structure, covered with a decorative fabrics in bold colors.  The trim is also available in various colors and help create exciting color composition for these contemporary furniture and decor accessories.

Multifunctional contemporary furniture design and storage ideas

From coal black and snow-white to lemon yellow and citrus orange, the poufs look bright and optimistic. They are wonderful decor items for any room and can attractively match any interior decorating color scheme, making a bold statement.

Decorative pillows and poufs Knotty, contemporary furniture and decor accessories

Mangas Rugs and Poufs collection, contemporary furniture and home accessories

Creative contemporary furniture design

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  last updated: 19.01.2013