Outdoor Staircase Design, Modern Ideas and Materials

outdoor staircase design ideas and materials

Creative wooden stair and porch decorated with flowering plants in ceramic vases


Outdoor stairs are beautiful architectural elements that enrich house designs, connect home interiors with yards, and welcome guests. Attractive outdoor stairs can brighten up a walkway to your front door and complement front yard landscaping and home exterior. You have many choices for materials, shapes, colors and patterns when designing the stairs leading to your door. Lushome shares a collection of modern staircase design ideas which are inspiring and attractive.

The primary purpose of building stairs to create a comfortable, safe and attractive way to a front door. Lighting and comfortable, non-slip steps are two essential elements of the design. Outdoor decorations, like flower pots, lanterns, porch furniture and garden figurines help create a pleasant mood and beautiful front door decoration. Functional and attractive, made with natural and eco-friendly materials front door staircases improve curb appeal and make homes look modern and Green.

Efficient outdoor lights prevent falls and brighten up the facade. Natural materials like brick, stone or wood connect home interiors with outdoors and create a beautiful transition. Green ideas, eco-friendly materials, and low-maintenance staircase designs are modern trends which create not just functional but spectacular outdoor stairs.

Outdoor lights for safe yard landscaping and beautiful outdoor stairs

Entrance staircase designs to beautify homes and improve curb appeal

Outdoor stairs

Beautiful classic front door staircase, natural stone stair with flowering plants and porch furniture

Practical and smart staircase design keeps your entryway clean and accentuates your front yard landscaping. Functional and elegant outdoor stairs made of stones, bricks, metal or wood, look beautiful. Today the market offers lots of various decorative elements for an attractive staircase design. New and traditional materials, finishes, colors, sizes and shapes of steps define the style and bring many options. It is easy to create something unique and add an original structure to any house.

Check out staircase design ideas below and see what style you like. Choose materials you like to add to your home renovation or yard decorating project. Outdoor stairs can lead to your front door, garden shed or garage. They add subtle details to outdoor living spaces and accentuate house exteriors. Natural materials and modern design add style to the architectural designs. Original and unusual solutions give a nice touch to functional structures, beautify facades and personalize outdoor areas.

Tiles stair decorated with green plants in terra-cotta pots

Stone, concrete, and metal stairs are easier to care for and offer simple design ideas for traditional and contemporary homes. The traditional treated wood and painted wooden stairs are popular choices also. You have to wash or paint wood stairs periodically to keep them look fresh and protected from elements. Choosing the right type of staircase that is the best for your home improves curb appeal and functionality of your house facade, add a beautiful accent to your home facade and harmonize it with your front yard landscaping.

Functional and elegant stair, modern house in Montreal by Architecture Open Form

Modern and original front stairs bring a dramatic change. They improve home designs and add creativity to entryway decorating. Outdoor stairs made with different materials offer numerous opportunities to add a unique element to your home. A combination of natural materials, various colors, different shapes and patterns can blend traditional and extravagant ideas into an outstanding design which will look distinct and modern.

Informal staircase design, seaside cabin in Norway designed by Lund Hagem

You can mix brick and metal, natural stone and pavers, metal and stone, various types of tiles or wood and metal. You can use different colors, unusual shapes and create original patterns while building the steps. The final staircase design has to complement your house style, accentuate the exterior design, and provide a comfortable and safe way to get to your front door. Also, the outdoor stairs have to create harmony, merge porch and entryway design with front yard landscaping and increase home appeal.

Beautiful staircase made with colorful tiles in ethnic style

Curvy stairs and decorative railing are suitable for classic house designs. Natural stone and metal works are excellent for Victorian homes. Informal stone steps are appropriate for cabins, garden sheds, and cottages. Wooden stairs are perfect for country homes. Concrete, metal or stone staircase design in minimalist style is ideal for elegant and stylish contemporary houses. The right stairs add to the curb appeal, improve front yard landscaping, and emphasize unique house exterior style. Modern and functional staircases create an excellent connection between home interiors and outdoors.

Cottage decorating, stone stair and wooden porch furniture
Creative wooden stair and porch decorated with flowering plants in ceramic vases

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