Original Recycling Ideas and Exciting Bike Wall Decorations

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diy bike decor for walls

Colorful billiard balls in metal bike basket, creative and Green wall decoration idea


Recycling bikes for decorations is an art. DIY decor and original ideas create fabulous accents celebrating Green living concepts and promoting the eco-friendly lifestyle. Wall clocks, home organizers, picture frames, even wedding or special event accents decorated with beautiful flowers and bright ribbons are just a few creative ways to reuse and recycle bike parts in the Green way.

Check out the Lushome collection of unique crafts and decorating ideas, get inspired to recycle your old two-wheel friend instead of throwing it to garbage. A touch of paint can transform bike rims and handle bars into gorgeous decorative accents that give unique character to wall designs. Even rusty parts are useful. Backyard landscaping with bike stands or a fence made of metal frames looks very original and surprising.

DIY wall clocks recycling bike wheels

Bike wall decorations

Bikes consist of valuable parts, and anything made with them tells a story. Round shapes of wheel rims, curvy handle bars, and chains offer unusual and beautiful materials for recycling and decorating.

Green design ideas to recycle bicycles for lighting fixtures

Fun storage solutions for recycling bike parts

Bright painting ideas for decorating bikes and flower stands

Red bike, restaurant sign idea

Wooden fence with bike frames, creative backyard idea

Recycling bike chains and rings for wall art and picture frames

Ribbons and flowers for bike wheel decoration

Photos display, bike wheel organizer

Handle bar wall rack

Bike rim wall clock

Bike wall clock

Pub interior design, bicycle wall decoration

Colorful billiard balls in metal bike basket, creative and Green wall decoration idea

Bike wheel picture display

Yard decorations, bike wheels and flowers, wedding and special event idea

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  last updated: 28.09.2017


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