Modernist House Design, Beautiful Home Interiors and Outdoor Living Spaces

kitchen island
Kitchen island on wheels

The modernist-style house designs are associated with mid-century homes, their distinct architectural elements, modern interiors, and outdoor living spaces that are connected in an elegant, natural way. In the time of functionality and rationalism, mid-century modern homes and modernist architectural designs are the favorite styles in architecture, interior, and landscape.

The modern house design emphasizes clean lines and geometric shapes. No more are features such as arches, ornate columns, window shutters, excessive interior decor, or outlandish ornamentation. The elegant simplicity and spaciousness speak of luxury and wealth in modern interiors created and decorated with simple shapes and intentional asymmetry.

Modernist house design, the home that grows from the boulder

Top house extensions give a modernist touch to house designs

Beautiful house design, modern interiors, spectacular outdoor spaces

Modernist house design

Glass front door, concrete walkway, modernist house design

Modernist-style house designs delight with Art Nouveau elements and attract with their simplicity. Modernist-style and mid-century-modern homes feature simplistic and elegant designs and neutral color schemes with a few bright accents. The interior design and decor combine different arts in one style, blending contemporary and old, new forms with traditional techniques into spectacular but functional and comfortable homes.

Green ideas, modern house design

Modern house designs with weather-proof features

Fabulous glass elements in contemporary house designs

Modern interiors

Simplified and beautiful architectural designs feature unique elements, graceful forms, and natural materials. At the same time, the original interior design uses unusual materials for decorating, bringing symbolic and meaningful elements into homes. Geometric shapes, simple large planes, and strict lines create modern interiors accentuated with original and exclusive details, playing with forms and content.

Modern living room furniture

Here is an example of modern house design with elements of the Art Nouveau style. Its architectural design is very democratic. No extra details or embellishments, clean lines, natural interior colors, and contrasting hues add a mid-century modern home feel to the interior design and decor.

Fame room design
Metal staircase and seating area
Kitchen design, dining furniture
Kitchen island on wheels
Modern kitchen design, blue wall tiles
Shelving system
Seating area, modern furniture
Small home office design
Bedroom design and decorating
The upholstered bed headboard, soft armchairs, unique lighting fixture
Beautiful bathroom design
Bathroom decorating with flowers
Small bathroom design, beautiful sink, lighting
Bathroom design with a glass shower

Yard landscaping ideas

The Art Nouveau style flows from interior design to yard landscaping showing the minimalist trends. The outlines of flower beds, ponds, and concrete paths are smooth and straightforward, without sharp bends and hidden spaces. Flower beds are in geometric forms. A mix of natural textures and color contrasts create interest in the outdoor living spaces decorated with expressive plants.

Small garden design with a water fountain

Small garden design with a water fountain

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