Modern Tile Designs by Patricia Urquiola Bring Digital Printing into Modern Interiors

kitchen tiles in brown and blue colors

Kitchen tiles in brown and blue color shades, interior decorating with digital printing


New tile designs for kitchen and bathroom interiors, entryways and living rooms is created by Patricia Urquiola. The collection of modern tiles with digital prints is called Azulej and deliberately combines subtle geometric and abstract patterns, enriching modern interior design in neutral colors. The modern tile designs look like geometric prints and lace, and imitate striped textiles, adding amazing geometric compositions to modern interior design.

Like handmade ancient tiles, the modern tile designs show beautiful decoration patterns in delicate tones and highlight contrasts with the cobalt blue and tender brown colors, adding interest to interior design and creating unique kitchen and bathroom interiors or rooms with gorgeous tiled walls and floors.

The tile designs by Patricia Urquiola are created for the Italian company Mutina Ceramiche & Design. The designer said that she wanted to experiment with the contemporary technology of digital printing and make unusual and modern tile designs for beautiful interiors. The innovative technology of digital printing allows to achieve a variety of decoration patterns, mix colors and create stunning color combinations for unique and modern interior design.

Modern tile designs with digital printing glazing

Floor and wall tile designs with digital printing glazing

With the collection Azulej, we would like to evaluate the memory of the hydraulic cement, experimenting an innovative digital printing technique which enables the production of a high diffusion product. The patterns deliberately combine different aesthetic languages: memories, geometrical schemes, floral design, all developed both in a longitudinal and diagonal direction. The process has exponentially developed, and we have managed only to sketch some possible combinations..and now, it’s up to you! – the designer said.

Attractive and elegant modern tiles are 10 mm think and available in many neutral color tones and neutral with subtle bluish and brown color combinations. These wall and floor tiles are made of rectified homogeneous stoneware with cold digital printing glazing and come in different sizes. More info >>

Kitchen tiles in brown and blue color shades, interior decorating with digital printing

Digital printing for modern interior decorating

Modern wall decorating with large photo art prints creating stunning accent walls

Modern interior decorating ideas, large art prints for wall decoration

Modern tile designs

Floor tile designs with digital printing glazing

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