Modern Patio Ideas to Steal from Beautiful Mediterranean Homes

modern home decorating ideas for outdoor rooms, bright blue and yellow color
Small backyard design with retro modern furniture and rustic decor



Modern patio ideas in Mediterranean styles mix beautiful backyard designs with comfortable dining areas and vivid decorating colors reflecting the beauty of the Mediterranean regions. Exotic details, inspired by Moroccan decor can accentuate decorating in Spanish style. Modern patio ideas blend vibrancy and mystery, comfort and luxury into backyard designs in Mediterranean styles. Lushome shares beautiful outdoor home decorating ideas that can be stolen from Spanish homes for creating gorgeous, comfortable and bright outdoor rooms anywhere in the world where citrus trees grow.

Modern patio ideas in Mediterranean styles is a creative mix of pleasant light neutral colors and vivid hues. Ceramic tiles and wood, natural stone and grape wines, natural fabrics and lush plants are great patio ideas that emphasize Mediterranean style in beautiful outdoor rooms. Soft lighting are the defining elements Mediterranean terraces, gardens and patio designs.

Modern patio ideas inspired by Andalusian style offer a unique blend of simple and functional Spanish decor, Moroccan details and contemporary accents. Citrus trees, aromatic herbs, romantic roses and rustic decor, detailed with colorful accents and natural fabrics create beautiful outdoor seating areas ad beautifully decorate backyards.

Modern interior design and home decorating in Mediterranean style emphasizing vintage stone wall design

22 porch, gazebo and backyard patio ideas creating beautiful outdoor rooms

Modern patio ideas in Mediterranean style

Small backyard design in modern Spanish style

Garden design and outdoor seating areas in Spanish style are ideal for the sunny, warm and comfortable Mediterranean climate. Laid back appearance and ultimate comfort add charming and inviting look to outdoor seating areas in Italian, French or Spanish style. Soft curves of outdoor furniture and natural materials, colorful wildflowers and aromatic herbs create distinct feel of ultimate relaxation and chic.

Citrus fruits, olive tree branches, green leaves, fresh flowers and nuts can be used as natural decorations for dining tables and coffee tables in outdoor rooms. Romantic and secluded garden design with comfortable seating areas and spectacular views enhance attractive and modern patio ideas.

Modern patio ideas, dining area

Modern patio ideas in Spanish style and outdoor home decorating colors reflect the beauty and warmth of Mediterranean landscapes. Artistic details, like hand-painted ceramic dishes or birdhouses, and contemporary accents, such as bright cushions made with outdoor fabrics or space saving folding outdoor furniture, can be blended with traditional wooden furniture and decorations in classic Spanish style.

Classic patio ideas in Mediterranean style

Romantic Mediterranean trends in home decorating

Lush plants, aromatic and beautiful flowers, wood and glass, terracotta planters and natural stone are great patio ideas for modern outdoor rooms and garden design.

Outdoor swimming pool and seating area with soft large cushions made with outdoor fabrics
Lemon tree and handmade birdhouses painted in pale blue and yellow colors
Table decoration with fresh flowers and tableware in blue and yellow colors
Small backyard design with retro modern furniture and rustic decor

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