Modern Interior Design and Decor Coloring White Rooms with Bold Accents

pink sofa with bright cushions



Modern interior design and decor in Swedish style blend white paint colors and neutral decorating ideas with creative and colorful accents. White paint colors are traditional for Scandinavian homes. Bold accents look cheerful, energetic and bright in white rooms creating spacious, light and optimistic living spaces.

Lushome presents beautiful rooms in Scandinavian style. White paint for walls, ceiling and floors is an ideal background for displaying unique details, bold decoration patterns, and colorful decor accessories. Vivid wall art, orange lamp shades, a bed canopy, colorful furniture upholstery fabrics, bright window curtains and decorative pillows with floral designs create a youthful atmosphere in these airy white rooms.

Pink sofas combined with orange and green color accents create a bright living room seating area that looks romantic and fresh. Wood furniture adds warmth to white decorating ideas. Beautiful interior design color palettes, natural brown colors and indoor plants, create lush, comfortable and modern home interiors in Scandinavian style.

Modern interior design and decor ideas from Scandinavian homes

Bright penthouse apartment redesign in Finland shows colorful decorating ideas

Breezy interior design with vintage furniture and white decorating in Swedish style

White decorating with colorful accents

Modern interior design and decor in all rainbow colors, pink sofas with bright decorative pillows

There are many interesting accents used for decorating the window sill, coffee table, and shelves decoration. Charming glass jars, shiny metal pots, romantic candles, and fresh flowers are combined with bright striped accessories that make a statement. Gorgeous lighting fixtures decorated with handmade floral designs look feminine and creative.

Nature inspired home accents, indoor plants, beautiful flowers and images of birds can transform any living spaces. Natural images, white decorating ideas, and colorful accents turn rooms into pleasant retreats and add character to modern interior design and decor in Swedish style.

Bright orange bed canopy and green sofa cushion, modern interior design and decor ideas brightening up white decorating of Scandinavian homes

Hallway, staircase, and kitchen designs creatively explore black and white decorating ideas. Sharp contrasts and traditional solutions create functional, comfortable, bright, and modern interiors.

Modern penthouse in Sweden, white decorating ideas with Nordic design charm

Classy apartment ideas wrapping colorful accents into white decorating

Bathroom design features large natural stone tiles on walls and mosaic tiles on the floor. Neutral color tones and soft brown colors harmonize white decorating adding warmth to the interior in Swedish style.

Creative black and white decorating with picture frames

Beautiful interior design and decor ideas in Scandinavian style give lots of inspirations for blending exciting and stylish color accents with neutral white decorating. Color contrasts and combinations of floral designs and stripes help create one-of-a-kind, surprising, soft, and modern interiors.

  by Ena Russ   

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