Modern Ideas Reflecting 2018 Interior Design Trends in Colors and Textures

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modern wall design and lights

Modern wall design in neutral color, fireplace decorating with lights


Modern interior design ideas and trendy colors marry to create gorgeous living spaces which are comfortable and eye-pleasing. Fresh room decorating looks exciting, and latest colors turn a simple design into stylish and novel. Changes in interior design can be effortless and inexpensive, especially with color and texture. Wall paint, tile designs, and small decorative accessories create the most dramatic effect on a dime turning the living spaces into modern interiors.

Modern colors 2018 include metallic hues, perfect for the high-tech style. Shiny surfaces, metallic details, shimmering accents, pearl finishes are current design trends which are excellent for creating impressive home interiors. Ceiling designs with sparkling stars in bathrooms, chrome fixtures, stainless steel appliances and furniture accents, LED lights, and mother of pearl wall tiles are modern trends in decorating in 2018.

Latest trends and yellow kitchen colors

Contemporary house design in glass, pink and blue colors

Interior color trends 2018

Modern interior ideas and color design trends from Pantone

The latest trends in decorating mix bright room colors with soft materials, and enhance elegant interior design in neutral tones with a creative mix of various textures.

Modern interior design trends 2018

Contemporary color palette 2018

1. Light interior design

Pink quartz and sky blue colors are ideal for decorative accessories in 2018. Glass vases, lighting fixtures, and colored glass designs in light pink and blue color tones look bright, sophisticated, and stylish.

Pink wall paint, sky blue lamps, white furniture, home office design

2. Neutral color tones

Neutral colors are in favor in 2018. Monochromatic tones of beige, gray, black and white make room decorating feel quiet, comfortable, and elegant. The neutral colors work well with all bright hues and create spectacular, sophisticated, and modern interior design with striking contrasts.

Modern wall design in neutral color, fireplace decorating with lights

3. Greens

Relaxing natural green color is one of the color trends 2018 also. Forest and green grass paintings, houseplants for Green wall designs, bamboo arrangements in glass vases, and green tableware are excellent for adding green color to the modern interior design.

Modern decorative accessories in green colors, glass vases, and paintings

4. Turquoise and purple

Decorative fabrics in pastel turquoise colors, light or deep purple colors look fabulous, luxurious, and stylish. Wall paint colors in turquoise or purple are excellent choices in 2018.

Glass vases in turquoise and purple colors, modern square wall tiles in light purple tones

5. Yellow colors

Lime, lemon, and all warm yellow color shades are fashionable ideas for creating bright and cheerful color design. Accents, like dining chairs, storage bins or decorative pillows in yellow make the interior design look modern and colorful.

Yellow kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances

6. Modern color combinations

Blue and orange color schemes transform modern interiors in no time, giving a stylish feel to the living spaces. Fresh flowers in blue vases, romantic bedding sets in peach or light orange color create the beautiful interior design with modern wallpaper in light blue. Decorative accents in orange color look impressive and bold on the coffee table with the top in sky blue. Orange chairs and blue accents brighten up the room design in neutral colors.

Modern interior design in neutral colors, living room with orange and blue accents

Elegant black and bohemian golden shades look noble, offering exclusive color combinations for home office or formal living room designs. Golden lighting fixtures, furniture decoration, draperies in golden color or bright yellow wall design are perfect ideas for black and white room decorating.

Bathroom design trends 2018

Inventive ceiling designs, latest trends in decorating modern interiors

Golden mirror frames, candelabras, and black accents are the stunning color combination for accentuating bathrooms, bedrooms, and living room designs in 2018.

Yellow wall design, black and white living room in contemporary style
Modern bathroom design, black tiles, accents in orange and blue colors
Black and white kitchen with yellow and orange accents
Black and white bedroom, blue blanket, brown pillows, window curtains

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