Modern House Design, Hidden in the Woods the Half Hexagon Home with Beautiful Backyard Areas

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This modern house features a C-shape form creating a protected and cozy backyard with a swimming pool built in a natural style. It is hidden in the woods in the eastern part of the Netherlands. The unusual C-shaped retreat has recently been completed. The innovative home is the latest house design by GetAway Projects. C House’s half-hexagonal structures create modern interiors and beautiful backyard areas that blend functionality, aesthetics, and sustainability. Check out and enjoy the fresh and inspiring design.

The house design features five sections. The living spaces connect the living, dining, and sleeping areas and harmoniously blend with the outdoors. The C House has an unheated natural swimming pool. The 12 meters long water feature invites home residents and guests to enjoy the tranquility of the natural-style design. Clean water and blooming irises create a beautiful oasis amidst the mature forest.

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C-shaped house design

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Corten steel exterior walls give a rusty red look to the house design, adding a contrast against the lush green vegetation surrounding the home. Untreated wood of window sills accentuate the natural aesthetic of house design materials.

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Modern interiors feel warm, bright, and cozy, beautifully opening to outdoor living spaces. The backyard design features a brick patio perfect for dining and entertaining. An outdoor bar connects to the kitchen by open windows. Large windows and sliding glass doors run along the C-shaped walls creating well-protected and comfortable backyard areas, connecting home interiors with nature.

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Cozy living room with the brick fireplace

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Outdoor bar design

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Half hexagon-shaped contemporary home hidden in the forest
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Photos by Kirsten Bos

  by Ena Russ   

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