Breathtaking Rooftop Bar Designs and Latest Trends in Decorating

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Rooftop bar terrace in ME London hotel


Rooftop bars are one of the latest trend in creating spectacular places with panoramic views. These amazing bar designs take developing outdoor rooms for relaxation and entertainment to the next level, many feet up. Perched atop tall buildings or on cliffs, the rooftop bar designs look fascinating. Lushome collection of the best rooftop bar designs in the world demonstrate the latest trends in decorating which create truly original and breathtaking spaces.

Rooftop bar designs are fantastic additions to the nightlife scene. Boasting an intimate lounge areas, outside rooftop terraces and bold interiors offer an ever-evolving cocktail menu and vibrant places for guests to enjoy contemporary luxury and unusual cocktail experiences. The drinking scenes has matured in big cities, and modern rooftop bar designs offer people very special and unique experiences.

Modern rooftop bar designs create not only panoramic views, but also offer to spend time in elegant and bold atmosphere on the top of the world. Here is the collection of best, most celebrated and recognizable rooftop bar designs for contemporary, dynamic and fascinating nightlife experiences. The hottest rooftop bars blend spectacular interior design and outdoor decorating ideas into bold and beautiful, filled with fun spaces.

Whimsical rooftop bar and garden design

Inspiring interior design and decor ideas from famous fashion designers

Latest trends in rooftop bar designs

Rooftop bar design, open terrace
Luna Rooftop Tapas Bar, Mexico

The latest trends in modern rooftop bar designs include creating inspiring spaces and welcoming atmosphere. Architects and designers want to preserve and respect the inherent historical elements of the traditional bars, and add surprising details and contemporary flare to their modern ideas.

Fabulous ceiling designs and unusual wall decor, fantastic open terraces and rooftop gardens, contemporary art and LED lights add modern touches to rooftop bar designs and  create a nice balance of old meets new.

Rooftop bar terrace n Singapore
1-Altitude, SIngapore

Interior design of rooftop bars are playful and futuristic, mixing geometric shapes, bold contrasts and spectacular textures. Quests are welcomed into the warmly lit indoors and outdoor spaces and greeted by bright bars where glass, light and cocktails are the focus.

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Rooftop garden with a pond and seating area

The dark alcoves provide intimate sanctuaries. Luxuriously furnished with contemporary furniture interiors and outdoor spaces look dramatic and mysterious. High ceiling designs, dark wood panels, bright LED lights and custom designed furniture pieces create a cozy yet social and exciting cocktail environment for those looking for new experiences.

The London West in Hollywood
Rooftop bar terrace in Hollywood

The open terraces are dramatic as well. The modern rooftop bar designs feature impressive open terraces that blend in with the neighboring architecture and lend panoramic views of night cities. Comfortable built-in lounge seating areas and dining furniture are surrounded by breathtaking landscaping, creating a balance of scenery and urban seclusion.

Rooftop bar terrace in ME London hotel
Radio Bar in London

Modern rooftop bar designs are inviting. They are wonderful places to socialize and enjoy traditional or contemporary drinks. The beverage programs at rooftop bars offer impressive collections of traditional and contemporary drinks, spiced up with seasonal cocktail menu, for a drinking experience beyond bottle service or cocktailing.

Rooftop bar design in New York
The Press Lounge hotel in New York
Rock Bar, Bali
Rooftop bar design in Balinese Ayana and Spa resort

Rooftop bar, Searcys Club in London
Upstairs restaurant and rooftop bar with terrace
Rooftop restaurant and bar design in Kimberly, New York
Rooftop terrace, Sirocco bar in Bangkok

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