50 Modern Fireplace Designs, Unique Home Appliances to Decorate Interiors and Outdoor Rooms

mid century modern style fireplace design
Contemporary hanging from ceiling fireplace designs inspired by Mid-century modern style

Modern fireplaces make beautiful focal points in home decorating. Unique fireplace designs are the latest trends, perfect for personalizing interiors and outdoor rooms. As spectacular architectural features, original fireplace designs add chic and style to modern home decorating, offering functional appliances and extraordinary decorative solutions for rooms and yards. Check the Lushome collection of designer fireplaces to see the latest trends.

Beautiful fireplaces please the eye and invite you to relax, warming up by the fire. While enjoying the mesmerizing dance of the flame and flying away into the world of sweet dreams, you warm up your space and create a welcoming place. Modern fireplaces are efficient, and original designs add a fantastic look to the functional appliances.

Unique fireplace designs do double duty, modern interior design

Original fireplaces adding art to modern interior design

Corner fireplace designs, unique accents to modern interiors

Modern fireplaces

Modern fireplace, cylinder shape

Contemporary fireplace designs evolved from traditional brick structures and offer state-of-the-art architectural features to enhance your home interiors and outdoor rooms. Here are several designer fireplaces that show the latest trends in contemporary design that amaze and delight.

Recycling old navy mones for extravagant fireplaces and interior decorating items

Modern fireplaces for outdoor living spaces

Stylish and inspiring fireplace designs in warm and beautiful home interiors

Designer fireplaces for unique home decorating

Creative fireplace decorating with pink paint

Designer fireplaces come in various styles. Contemporary fireplaces, creative models, artistic creations, and appliances inspired by ethnic masterpieces offer numerous home decorating ideas for every budget and taste. Modern fireplaces show the charm and sophistication of contemporary design, while ethnic and classic designs bring old traditions to life, reinventing the ideas.

Dining room decorating, concrete fireplace with firewood storage

Gas fireplaces

Classic and modern fireplaces have three main elements: the hearth, the firebox, and the chimney. New technology and sculptural art influence these parts and set fresh design trends, changing the materials, styles, and forms and turning functional home appliances into beautiful decorations for modern interiors and yards. Gas fireplaces no longer require a chimney. They offer sleek models and super-stylish fireplace designs for large and small spaces.

Modern fireplace and bathroom design ideas

Creative design ideas

Creative material combinations and decorative accents uniquely highlight various elements of designer fireplaces, transforming functional home appliances into original artworks, changing the living spaces beyond recognition, and enhancing modern homes.

Unique fireplace design with shelves and firewood storage space
Tiled fireplace in white and blue
Original black fireplace, unique design idea
Contemporary hanging-from-ceiling fireplace designs inspired by Mid-century modern style

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