Inspiring Fireplace Designs in Warm, Modern Interiors

round fireplace glass

Round fireplace, glass design


Fall decorating looks cozier and feels warmer beside a beautiful hearth. Here is the Lushome collection of modern fireplace designs and inspiring interior design ideas to steal. Fall and winter decorating around a fireplace as a focal point create welcoming rooms and amplifies the warm home ambiance. Look at the fireplace designs that reflect the latest trends and decide which one you like the best.

Modern fireplaces come in various styles, materials, and sizes. Stone, concrete, metal, and tiles fireplace wall decorating offer designs for every taste. Minimalist style, clean lines, timelessly elegant materials, and efficiency are the latest modern fireplace designs trends.

Multifunctional living rooms with the TV and fireplace

Improving fireplace designs, creating cozy rooms

Gorgeous fireplace designs

Modern fireplace designs

Contemporary fireplaces, table-top design

Beautiful fireplaces in contemporary style, Mid-century modern fireplace designs, or traditional stone hearths are architectural elements that make homes feel warm and inviting, especially in fall and winter. Simplified geometry, neutral colors of natural materials, bright paint colors, unique textures, original styles, and striking contrasts with the rest of the interior design are among the latest fireplace designs.

Two-sided fireplaces in modern interiors

Hanging fireplaces adding chic to home interiors

Tube gas fireplaces, beautiful wall decorations

Fireplace designs can define the style of interior decorating. They make gorgeous centerpieces and give ideas on how to decorate rooms around these spectacular focal points. A contemporary fireplace is a great idea for decorating small apartments and homes.

Modern fireplace, corner design

Wood-burning, electric, and gas fireplaces create a pleasant atmosphere and add a touch of style to the interior design. Here are some inspiring ideas for integrating a fireplace into home interiors, demonstrating the latest trends and attractive, modern designs.

Contemporary fireplace, linear design
Concrete fireplace, contemporary design
Two-sided glass fireplace design
Natural stone for fireplace decorating
Hanging from the ceiling fireplace design
Unique fireplace design
Round fireplace, glass design

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