22 Unique Modern Fireplaces Do Double Duty Creating Warmth and Beauty

modern fireplace design and home decorating ideas

Stone fireplace, wall decoration, unique focal point for modern interior design


Unique design makes modern fireplaces double duty turning the functional elements into original focal points for interior design and spectacular home decorations. Lushome brings a collection of fantastic fireplace designs showing innovative and surprising ideas and making the interiors warm, intimate, and unique.

A modern fireplace is a gorgeous and functional addition to any room and a quick way to change the living spaces dramatically. Designers transform ordinary, lacking-interest interiors into elegant, unique, and modern by adding a beautiful fireplace and creating a welcoming, warm, and cozy atmosphere. The attractive fireplace designs come in various styles, materials, sizes, and prices. Spectacular and space-saving design ideas allow to decorate spacious and small rooms and make a statement. Contemporary fireplaces bring fascinating and innovative appliances giving interest to the interior design and warming up modern homes.

Unique and attractive fireplaces add warmth and beauty to the homes, serving as focal points for interior design, improving the functionality of the chambers, and making fabulous decorations. Masonry fireplaces with a mantel provide handy surfaces. Pictures, artworks or crafts, seasonal home decorations, or collectibles can accentuate the interior design and personalize decorating. Beautiful fireplace designs often feature storage spaces for firewood and fireplace accessories, creating additional visual interest in the room.

Modern fireplaces, when you want stylish and warm interior design

Gorgeous fireplace designs, room decorating around a fireplace

Modern living rooms with fireplaces and family-friendly decor

Modern fireplaces

DIY fire pit made with salvaged wood, lace, and lights

Creative and unusual modern fireplaces look stunning. Contemporary fireplaces with media consoles do double duty as a fireplace and an entertainment center. A medium-size electric fireplace, built right into the cabinet or wall, can maximize small spaces and make a room look stylish and radiant.

Modern fireplaces add ultimate comfort to outdoor rooms

Inspiring fireplace designs in warm, modern interiors

Multifunctional living room designs with the TV and fireplace

Also, multifunctional furniture design comes in handy for decorating small apartments and homes. Space-saving furniture and fireplace designs help stretch small rooms and create comfortable and warm living spaces. Unusual and innovative, the modern fireplaces in the Art Deco style or Avant-Garde style are functional, unique, and decorative. They create original and marvelous focal points for the interior design.

Stone fireplace, wall decoration, the unique focal point for modern interior design

Large furnaces save money on heating bills and personalize the living space while creating warm and comfortable homes. Modern designs feature an option of turning off the heating element and creating stunning focal points with built-in LED lights. People can enjoy the gorgeous look of a warm glow and the beauty of materials like onyx or glass while the fireplace is off.

Contemporary hanging design and sunken seating area

An elegantly decorated furnace immediately changes the atmosphere in a room and brings a comfortable style. The modern appliance is a perfect addition to any room, large or small space. The beautiful focal points of interior design, the modern stoves, and chimneys are practical, functional, and efficient. The traditional and contemporary appliances increase home values and add a beautiful touch to interior decorating, emphasizing a warm, elegant, and welcoming atmosphere in the room.

Contemporary fireplace design, portable space-saving solution for small spaces
Unique fireplace design, wall decoration

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