Modern Bathroom Design Trends 2021 Creating Open and Expressive Spaces

glass room dividers
Open shower designs and glass room dividers, contemporary bathroom design trends



Modern bathroom design trends bring color and surprising accents creating open and bright interiors.  11 color design trends beautifully transform modern bathrooms into beautiful, stylish, unique spaces. Modern color influences bathroom design, setting the latest trends that include neutral color tones, medium-to-dark brown colors, beige, black, pinkish-red, blue, and green pastels.

Vibrant accent walls, teak wood floors, black or brown colors, and metallic accents create expressive, unusual rooms. Modern bathrooms show beautifully open interior design ideas. Strong contrasts and natural accessories, like houseplants or seashells, give a natural look to contemporary spaces that feel relaxing and attractive. Natural stone tiles and pebbles provide an impressive, artistic touch to original and gorgeous rooms.  Ultimate comfort, functionality, and eye-catching details are modern bathroom design trends 2021. Unique designs feature unusual color combinations or textures, black-n-white graphics, and decorating with rustic materials complete bathroom design trends 2021.

Modern bathroom design trends, the relaxing luxury of walk-in showers

Wood in bathroom design and decor; modern bathroom trends

Stylish alternatives to wall painting, modern bathroom design trends

Bathroom design trends

Open shower area, green wall color, black-n-white contrasts, modern bathroom design trends 2021

1. Modern wall color

Bathroom colors, accents defining modern interior trends

Top 10 eco bathroom trends, Green ideas for contemporary interiors

Trendy bathroom colors, small bathroom design trends

Bathroom design in gray colors is a popular choice. New and vintage style interiors look stylish. Gray wall color is excellent for creating a perfect background and an attractive, timelessly elegant look. You can set any atmosphere with gray wall color – from ultra-modern, contemporary to retro and cozy.

Contemporary bathtub, black wall color

Brown color shades return into modern bathroom design, giving a cozy touch to the spaces. Delicate undertones, clay brown, terracotta, olive, bronze and rust, pine forest, cedarwood, dusty stone are beautiful hues that create modern combinations with neutral colors. A stylish wall color, inspired by nature create harmonious bathroom designs. Natural materials increase the effect and fill a bathroom with a genuine vibe.

11 modern bathroom design trends in sinks and vanities

Modern interior trends creating beautiful bathrooms

Latest trends in bathroom design, contemporary ideas for bathroom remodeling

Reddish pink color shades, peach, and pink coral shades are fashionable options also. A deep orange, mysterious purple, and warm amber yellow are color design ideas that are vibrant and beautiful, perfect for accentuating modern bathroom designs.

Natural stone textures, brown wall colors, modern bathroom design

2. Vibrant accents

Bold colors and strong contrasts are modern bathroom design trends that create an upbeat atmosphere. Playful and exciting hues are perfect for creating modern accents. Unusual color combinations, textures, and patterns are modern ideas that get popular.

Beautiful blue colors, bathroom design idea

3. Wood floors

Wooden floors create modern mixes with the wall design that features natural materials. Darker shades of wood from cognac to oak bring luxury into modern bathroom designs, especially in modernistic and Art Deco interiors.

Wood floor, contemporary bathroom sink vanity

4. Metallic accents

Golden shades highlight expensive interior designs. Copper, bronze add stylish metal details to modern bathrooms. Shiny surfaces are impressive. Metallic accents amplify a bright bathroom design that blends black or dark shades of green and blue hues.

Coral pink wall color, golden accents, modern bathroom design trends

5. Tone-on-tone bathroom design

White-on-white, but not monotonous, decorating ideas that use a few off-whites and light gray color tones are trendy. Black-on-black and gray-on-black are modern ideas also. The novel technique creates depth and adds a stylish look to the monochromatic bathroom designs. Combined with marble, metal, and leather, black returns as classy as ever. From black showers and black bathroom furniture and sinks, nearly every bathroom product is now available in black and gray.

Black on black, wall color, bathroom furniture, contemporary bathroom design ideas

6. Bathroom fixtures in minimalist style

Contemporary bathroom fixtures make fabulous decorations. Bathroom sinks and bathtubs in minimalist style merry sophistication and functionality in beautiful spaces.

Wall-mounted bathroom sink, wall shelf, black fixtures, contemporary bathroom design trends

7. Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tile designs, especially glass tiles, metal tiles, or tiles featuring Swarovski crystals, create a chic atmosphere in bathrooms. Dark wall color shades and black walls are ideal backgrounds for beautiful tile designs.

Modern wall design, mosaic tiles in white-gray colors

8. Glass room dividers

Decorating with glass adds space to small interiors and creates a pleasant illusion of spaciousness. A bathtub area connected to a bedroom with a glass room divider is one of the bathroom design trends.

Open shower designs and glass room dividers, contemporary bathroom design trends

9. Open shower design

Open shower areas are contemporary and comfortable ideas. The space-open shower designs look chic, creating more space and an airy feel. The technique offers one of the most surprising bathroom design trends, perfect for small bathrooms.

Black-n-white tiles, geometric pattern, open shower design, bathroom trends

10. Unique wall design

Modern bathroom walls look like walls in living spaces. A combination of materials, original artworks, decorative wall panels, and a mix of graphic patterns are bathroom design trends that create beautiful walls.

Colorful flower design, mosaic tiles, accent bathroom wall

11. Houseplants and floral prints

Modern wallpaper designs bring gorgeous floral patterns and pleasant green colors into bathrooms. Houseplants are another trend in decorating modern bathrooms.

White bathroom with houseplants, modern trends in decorating

Modern bathroom fixtures

Contemporary bathroom fixtures, black-n-white design
Contemporary bathroom sink, minimalist style

Bathroom remodeling ideas

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