Modern Bathroom Design Ideas and Decorating Secrets for Stylish Rooms

bathroom remodeling inspirations and modern bathroom decorating ideas

Modern bathroom colors, red and white decorating ideas


Modern bathroom design and decorating can beautifully compliment attractive and stylish living spaces and create a great impact on the overall impression of the house. Creating a beautiful, functional and comfortable bathroom is easy when you know some professional design and decorating secrets which Lushome shares with its readers.

Good bathroom design layout and organization are important elements of creating inviting and functional spaces. Trendy bathroom colors, modern bathroom fixtures and stylish furnishings add luxury and beauty to interior design and decorating. A variety of styles can be used for creating modern bathroom design, from vintage style to country bathroom, industrial or contemporary minimalist style.

Attractive and comfortable bathroom design and decorating create perfect places to relax, escaping from the daily routine. Victorian, Mediterranean, Hollywood or Boho chic styles, country bathroom design style and contemporary bathrooms are wonderful choices for creating personal spaces with unique character.  Modern bathroom design and decorating with industrial or rustic vibe create a different, stylish and unique atmosphere.

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Modern bathroom design and decorating ideas

Contemporary bathroom design with glass wall and built-in floor bathtub

Natural materials, from solid wood pieces to marble and bronze bring stylish luxury into modern bathroom. Elegant bathroom sinks and cabinets, wall shelves and lighting fixtures, especially in Art Deco, minimalist or vintage styles, make fantastic decorations for functional bathroom design.

1. Modern bathroom colors

Neutral colors and rich bathroom color hues can be combined in modern bathroom design. Monochromatic color combinations and contrasting color schemes that include red, yellow, pink and purple or blue and green colors are modern ideas for color design. Pink, lilac, fuchsia, light and deep purple colors bring romance into modern bathroom decorating, while golden decorations, black and silver gray color tones look sophisticated.

Modern bathroom colors, rich blue wallpaper and golden colors for bathroom decorating

2. Bathroom decorating with house plants

House plants, especially hanging gardens and live wall design, are beautiful and modern ideas for creating fresh and natural bathrooms.

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3. Bathroom decorating with modern wallpaper

Modern wallpaper patterns allow to bring beautiful details and wonderful texture into bathroom design and change decorating colors with ease.

Modern bathroom colors, red and white decorating ideas

4. Wall mirrors

Bathroom mirrors are fantastic decorating ideas for large and small spaces. Wall mirrors bring more light into small rooms and make modern bathroom design look more spacious and stylish. Wall mirrors that match the style of bathroom sinks and bathroom lighting fixtures enhance the overall theme of the interior design and add a final touch to modern bathroom decorating.

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5. Bathroom lighting fixtures

There are a few tricks and interior decorating secrets for visually expanding small spaces. Bathroom lighting fixtures need to be bright and attractive to stretch space and add stylish details to modern bathroom design. Bathroom lighting fixtures have to match bathroom fixtures, furniture and wall mirrors in style and colors. Lighting fixtures with dimmers make modern bathroom interiors look more interesting and luxurious while improving their functionality.

Modern bathroom design in neutral colors, wall decorating ideas

6. Bathroom organization and ergonomic layout

Good bathroom organization and ergonomic, comfortable and space saving layout create beautiful large and small spaces, free of clutter, spacious and bright. A good balance between too many decorations and too simple, lacking any interest sterile look helps create airy and stylish, functional and modern bathroom design and decorating with a few wall accents, a decorative vase, a basket or a flower arrangement which enrich and style elegant bathroom decorating.

Modern bathroom design in vintage style

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 03.05.2015