Matching Wallpaper Designs and Decorative Pillows, Cope Studio Ideas

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Interior decorating with designer pillows, original prints, light pastels


Beautiful wallpaper and decorative pillows that match in patterns are perfect ideas for adding a chic touch to modern interior design. Here are modern wallpaper designs and charming home accessories from Cope Studio. Each print – Curio, Imprint, and Laurel – is inspired by abstract art and nature. Gorgeous tender pastels and soft neutral color tones make the modern wallpaper designs inspiring.

The Imprint collection features abstract decoration patterns and earthy colors that bring softness into designs and balance the simplicity of geometric shapes. Opacity and fine lines mimic a play of light and shadow and create beautiful prints. Green colors, combined with organic shapes and leaf patterns, remind of plants and create a fantastic effect of brings nature into interior design.

Matching color of wall paint, modern wallpaper designs, and home furnishings

Decor color matching tips

How to mix modern wallpaper designs for creating beautiful rooms

Matching wallpaper and pillows

Floral wallpaper designs in earthy colors
Living room decorating, wood furniture, nature-inspired prints, sofa cushions in earthy pastels
Bedroom decorating, pillows with leaf patterns

Vines and houseplants are great inspirations for creating tender and pleasant color combinations with natural pastel hues. The earth color schemes and green color tones are perfect for creating an attractive interior and setting a peaceful atmosphere in a room.

Matching interior design colors like a pro

Vintage wallpaper designs reinventing modern wall decoration ideas

Matching decor colors; modern wallpaper and wall paint

Cope Studio, envisioned beautiful wallpaper designs and created charming decorative pillows. The m0odern wallpaper and decor collection has a relaxing feel. Its items can add an artistic touch to room decorating and enhance modern color schemes.

Beautiful wallpaper patterns, geometric shapes, pastels

Versatile themes, trendy colors, creative design ideas created unique items for elegant and original interior design. The new accessories make stylish gifts and home decorations that connect living spaces to nature, bringing beautiful style and relaxation into any room.

Interior decorating with designer pillows, original prints, light pastels

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