Living Pixels Lighting Fixtures Reuse and Recycle Banners and Vintage Lamp Stands

contemporary floor lamps with vintage lamp stands and lamp shades made of banners

Living Pixels lighting design looks striking, cold and colorful. These contemporary lighting fixtures bring energy and powerful decorating accents into interiors, changing them dramatically with innovative lighting design, unusual shapes and a variety of vivid cheerful colors.

These contemporary lighting fixtures are eco friendly products, perfect for creating dynamic and interesting, bright and stylish interior design in eco style. Energy saving light bulbs systems and reused lamp stands make these ceiling lights, floor lamps and desk lamps unique and eco friendly.

The lighting design from Chan Wan Ki, Chen Siu Wa Shai and Suen Ka Hei from SDWorks, living-pixels/ features a light  diffuser made of recycled materials. Creative lighting design ideas turn reused items into glowing masterpieces, ideal for eco friendly home decorating.

Recycling banners and vintage lamp stand for contemporary lighting fixtures

Recycling banners for contemporary lamp shades

The lighting stands in vintage style are made of stands found in antique and second hand furniture stores on Cat Street in central Hong Kong. Clever changes transformed these junk pieces into attractive elements of contemporary lighting design.

Energy-saving light bulbs and useless banners are mixed into amazing contemporary lighting fixtures that change colors. The banners are printed only on one side, and when the lamps are switched off, the lamp shades appear white. Turning the lighting fixtures on brings a fantastic array of colors.

Contemporary lighting fixtures created with handmade lamp shades made of banners

Lamp shades have many decorative gaps for light to flow through, creating exciting and vivid luminous pattern that sets these contemporary lighting fixtures apart.

Recycling ideas for contemporary lighting design

Recycling old plant windows for contemporary lighting design

Recycling tripods and washing machines for contemporary floor lamps

Recycling used brass musical instruments for unique lighting fixtures

Contemporary table lamps recycling vintage lamp stands

  by Ena Russ   

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