Interesting Facts about Lilac, Flower Arrangements and Colorful Home Decorating Ideas

black white kitchen tiles
Lilac flower arrangement for decorating a kitchen countertop



Lilac plants provide us with beautiful flowers, perfect for elegant home decorating. Lilac flowers come in many different colors, and you can choose the best hues to match your decor. These spring flowers look charming in clear glass jars and ceramic pitches. They create lovely table decorations and centerpieces with other spring flowers and look gorgeous in vintage wood boxes, wicker baskets, tin containers, and metal net baskets decorated with fabrics.

Here are a few facts about lilac plants you did not know or forgot. These flowering plants live more than a hundred years. Lilac can be fragrant and odorless. Some people have an allergy to the flowers and get sick in a home with a lilac flower bouquet. The flowers show a wide range of gorgeous colors: from white to pink, reddish purple, bluish purple, and deep purple hues.

Modern decorating with lilac flowers

Beautiful flower arrangements, table decorations

Blooming plants attract bees, butterflies, and birds. The fresh honey-like aroma is fantastic, and the flowering plants look spectacular. Elegant leaves and beautiful flowers create harmony and beautify all places, – home interiors or outdoor rooms.

Lilac kitchen island design

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Purple colors in modern interior decorating

Lilacs are known for about 500 years, and over this time the flowering plants produced 2300 varieties with branches and beautiful flowers in different shapes and colors. The pleasant aromas of lilac compete with the bohemian smell of roses. Although Hungarian Lilac does not smell at all.

1. Lilac flower arrangements in creative vases

Clear glass jar with lilac flowers
Lilas flower arrangement in a wicker basket
Pink and purple flower arrangements in ceramic pitchers
Purple flower arrangement in a metal net basket decorated with white fabric
Recycling a metal can for a decorative vase, lilac flower arrangement
Lilac flower arrangement in a wooden basket
Lilac flowers in various colors, spring flower arrangement in a white porcelain pitcher

Lilac essential oil is more expensive than gold, and the price can be more than 50K per pound. The beautiful flowers are considered poisonous, as they contain toxic substances that can cause headaches.
Despite this fact, lilac is used in medicine to treat rheumatism. Lilac plants leaves have healing properties, and the flowers help relieve pain.

Blue and purple flower arrangements

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2. Home decorating ideas with lilac prints

Wooden serving tray made with salvaged wood, spring flower arrangement

Home decorating with lilac is about bringing spring freshness and joy into life. It is believed in the East that lilac is the symbol of pleasure, happiness, and fests. It brings good luck, especially the flowers with five petals. However, in England, a lilac bouquet means a refusal to engage.

Pink and purple flowers, beautiful floral accents for white decorating

Edible flowers for blooming table decoration

Natural Feng Shui cures to create harmony and attract wealth

You can cut branches with shears across and carefully bring the beautiful flowers into your home for decorating. Or you can admire them in your garden or local park, get inspired by their splendid beauty and gorgeous colors. These spring flowers do not last long, so it is better to enjoy home decorating with lilac prints and art images.

Lilac flower arrangement for decorating a kitchen countertop
Floral table decorations, centerpieces with lilac flowers
Wall art, decorative lilac flowers painting
Vintage furniture in purple color and lilac flowers, romantic home decorating
Lilac flowers, beautiful Roman shades with floral prints
Floral bathroom tiles, white decorating with lilac flowers
Gray-white bedding set, throw with lilac print
Floral wallpaper
Modern wallpaper with floral designs
Stylish mural with lilac flowers, kitchen and dining room decorating
Modern living room design with a lilac mural, white furniture, green accents, houseplants

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