How to Create Modern House Exterior and Interior Design in Spanish Style

spanish home design and decorating ideas
Interior design with dark wood furniture in Spanish style



Spanish architecture and interior design in Spanish style are strikingly beautiful and unique. Old and modern house design in Spanish style have several very attractive features that make these homes distinct and desirable. Spanish style architectural designs and elements of interior decorating create elegant and majestic homes. Lushome shares a few ideas how to create modern house design and interiors in Spanish style.

House design and home interiors in Spanish style emphasize the connection with the nature. Natural materials are combined with warm rich colors, creating a pleasant, natural and friendly atmosphere and gorgeous rooms enriched by various textures. Spanish homes are wonderful for all who enjoy the serenity, elegant simplicity and beauty of unique details.

Old and modern house designs in Spanish style have stucco siding along with several other distinct features, like arches, cozy courtyards and dark wood elements. Charming courtyards, arched loggias, elegant porches and water fountains, natural materials and soft warm room colors create amazingly inviting and beautiful homes.

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Ways to create house design and interiors in Spanish style

Spanish home exterior design

1. Stucco siding is a distinct feature of Spanish houses. It is made of a type of plaster that is commonly used for finishing the exterior of European buildings. It is a mixture of marble dust, lime, and water, which is used for building and decorating Spanish style homes.

2. U shape creates cozy and comfortable courtyards. A pleasant feeling of protection and privacy in outdoor living spaces add to the charm of old and modern houses designs in Spanish style. House exterior and interior design of Spanish style homes feature pleasantly warm colors that give a sunny look to these beautiful homes.

Courtyard and tiled roof design in Spanish style

3. Arches, doors and windows with rounded tops, wrought iron grills, door hinges, handles and outdoor lighting give unique character to old and modern house designs in majestic Spanish style.

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4. Dark wood elements are especially great for building a house and interior design in Spanish style. Mediterranean Spain is an area with rich mix of various cultures. Spanish architectural designs and interior design ideas reflect ideas influenced by Gothic, Moorish, Byzantin and Renaissance styles.

Interior design with dark wood furniture in Spanish style

5. Tiled roof design in deep orange and red colors, ceramic tiles for floors and ceramic decorations look perfectly in harmony with wooden elements creating beautiful interior design in Spanish homes. Tile designs in bright colors bring fabulous decoration patterns into homes in Spanish style and can decorate walls, floors, staircases and even furniture, adding charming ethnic motifs to modern interior design and outdoor living spaces.

Spanish wall tile designs for modern lifestyle

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6. Metal is an important material for interior decorating in Spanish homes. Wrought iron chandeliers and wall lights. staircase design elements and small home decorations bring original and unique designs into modern houses in Spanish style.

Wrought iron chandeliers and pendant lights, dark wood furniture and arched fireplace hearth, modern interior design in Spanish style

7. Natural building and interior design materials, wood, metal, stone, ceramics and glass, are combined with textiles and home decorating fabrics made with natural fibers, emphasizing the connection with the natural environment and boundlessly merging home interiors with courtyard gardens and blooming flowers in terracotta pots.

Outdoor living spaces in Spanish style, ceramic tile patio with gallery arches

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