How to Combine Indoor Plants and Create Spectacular Green Wall Designs

vertical garden wall design

Accent wall design with plants in different colors

Plants are fabulous, attractive and cheap ideas for decorating rooms. Green wall design looks fabulous in a living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Gigantic accent walls are spectacular decorations for modern interiors. Living plants bring green colors of lush vegetation inside and connect people with nature. Lushome presents the most spectacular accent walls demonstrating contemporary Green design ideas for decorating empty walls with plants.

Decorative wall panels can be any shape, they all look beautiful and dramatic. Round, triangular, square, rectangular, and oval mini gardens bring the elegance of the simple geometry into the spaces while blending gorgeous green colors into the modern interior design. A mix of small plants adds textures and patterns to the wall design, while flowering plants brighten up the wall artworks with vibrant hues.

Beautiful wall panel with flowering plants

Wall panels with plants are versatile home decorations, suitable for home interiors and outdoor living spaces. Decorative frames give a finishing touch to vertical garden designs. The wall panel frames painted various hues make lovely accents. From light to dark brown colors of natural wood, gray color tones, golden, silver, and off-white offer beautiful options. Also, modern hues are excellent choices for refreshing Green wall decorations.

Green wall decoration ideas for every room, vertical garden designs

Living wall panels with lights, modern Green design ideas

Green wall design, vertical design with salvaged wood, Corten steel, and decorative plants

Five plants are the optimal number for designing exciting and original floral arrangements. Small plants can create geometric shapes, free forms, and straight line, offering an additional element of eye-catching designs. Monochromatic green colors, different sizes of plants, and various leaves are the fabulous combination that produces stunning effects.

Light and dark green colors, decorative wall panel with different plants

Fast-growing plants can be changed for small plants in the future or strategically planted at the bottom or side. Slowly growing plants, flowering plants, and tall plants can create beautiful optical illusions, stretch home interiors visually, raise the ceiling, and balance room dimensions.

Green accent wall, modern bedroom design

Houseplants are excellent decorating accessories, and stylish wall gardens take Green wall decoration to the next level allowing to achieve the contemporary design and emphasize the accent walls in eco style.

Growing edible herbs, kitchen decorating with Green wall panels
Vertical garden, modern bathroom design
Miniature wall gardens in various geometric shapes
Accent wall design with plants in different colors
Decorative wall panel with flowering plants
Modern wall decorating with small plants, contemporary Green artworks

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