Glass Blocks in Modern Interiors, Functional and Beautiful Interior Design Ideas

green glass blocks

Modern interior wall built with green glass blocks

Glass blocks are contemporary interior design materials that many people associate with mid-century modern homes. Clear and colored glass blocks add gorgeous squares to wall designs and keep modern interiors bright. Glass block wall designs are perfect for creating windows, walls, floors, room dividers, furniture, and decorating house exteriors. Here is the Lushome collection of modern ideas integrating glass blocks into interior design.

Contemporary glass blocks are not only excellent interior design materials but decorative accents. Decorating with glass is spectacular and bold. Glass blocks are beautiful, durable, functional, and versatile. These building and finishing materials revived forgotten wall designs and brought contemporary design ideas into modern homes.

Glass block exterior walls and partitions

Modern shower designs, integrating glass blocks into bright walls

Glass blocks in contemporary bathroom design

Modern interior design with glass blocks

Glass block wall, staircase design

Contemporary glass blocks are popular and stylish today. Architects and interior designers develop stunning and original ideas for construction and decorating with glass blocks. Their functionality and appeal make them fantastic home decorations that beautifully personalize interior designs.

Glass blocks in custom shower designs

Fantastic contemporary glass block tiles

Mid-century modern interior trends, room decorating ideas

Clear and colored glass blocks are excellent soundproofing materials. Glass is resistant to moisture, and glass squares show excellent heat-saving properties. They are perfect for bathroom design and can elegantly decorate all other modern interiors. Wall partitions made from translucent squares and window openings with glass blocks are great applications.

Glass block floor, contemporary interior design ideas

Glass block designs

Glass squares come in various sizes and colors and demonstrate creative designs. Square shape, corner, round, and brick-like blocks are popular options for modern architectural designs. Transparent, colorless glass blocks have an advantage over colored, allowing light to fill the spaces.

Modern room dividers created with rectangular glass blocks

Creative glass block designs featuring pebbles, shells, dried flowers, leaves, small branches, and dry foods are ideal for interior decorating. Also, contemporary glass blocks with LED lights offer elegant, chic, super-modern ideas for interior design and decorating.

Glass block kitchen island
Contemporary design ideas, colored glass blocks in modern interiors
Home bar table built with glass blocks
A modern interior wall built with green glass blocks

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