Getaway Guest House Design with Glass Walls and Eco Friendly Room Decor

modern house with glass walls
Modern house design with



The beautiful guest house design, surrounded by gorgeous trees looks spectacular. The modern house with eco friendly interior design and decor, wood furniture, stunning glass walls and beautiful landscaping offers a true retreat in Duchess County, New York. Designed  by Desai Chia Architecture, The LM Guest House provides wonderful, tranquil and relaxing environment for weekends and holidays.

The getaway home blends modern interior design with stunning outdoor spaces, offering an ideal combination of eco friendly decor and simplicity for green living. Surrounded by lush vegetation, the modern house allows to relax enjoying beautiful views and the serene atmosphere. Simple and elegant, eco friendly and comfortable room decor compliments bright interior design ideas and helps eliminate all the tension, providing a great place to recharge and rejuvenate.

The modern house is build with spectacular large glass walls which merge interior design with outdoor living spaces and green surroundings. The steel frame allows the roof to cantilever over the open living areas and a bedroom, adding drama to this fantastic architectural design.

Modern house with eco friendly interior design and decor

Modern house design with

Modern home interiors are flooded with daylight. Created with natural materials and home furnishings, room decor is simple, neat and airy, adding charming elegance and spaciousness to modern interior design ideas. Wood and glass create the fantastic combination of transparency and warmth of these eco friendly materials, enhancing modern house design with gorgeous details.

Interior design and decor are pleasant and cozy, Glass wall design is enhancing the feeling of freedom, guiding the eye to the beautiful trees and an attractive backyard garden.

Living room with glass wall design and simple decor

The living room and sleeping areas can be easily opened. Sliding wooden doors allows to stretch modern interior design outdoor and bring the nature inside. Two small bedrooms with built-in bunk beds provide efficient accommodations for additional weekend guests and kids.

Modern houses with glass walls

Luxurious glass house with impressive glass walls and lighting design

Glass block wall design ideas adding unique accents and light to eco homes

Modern house with glass walls and rooftop terrace

Glass wall house design in Seattle

  by Ena Russ   

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