Futuristic Lighting Design, Furniture and Decor Accessories Inspired by Space Exploration Theme

floor lamp, coffee table and side tables in high tech style

Unique furniture and decor accessories in high tech and futuristic styles bring the space exploration theme into modern interior design. Impressive chairs and lighting fixtures, book shelves and coffee tables, ottomans and decorative vases, storage containers, tableware and wall decorations add an adventurous feel and a futuristic flavor to modern home interiors in high tech style.

Contemporary furniture and decor accessories bring distinct designs and shapes invented by the space technology, enhancing modern interior design i high tech style. These fantastic decor items reflect steps in exploration of outer space and create extravagant and impressive rooms.

Physical exploration of space is conducted both by human spaceflights and by robotic spacecrafts. Inspired by the space age designer furniture and decor accessories offer amazing items for interior design in high tech style with a nostalgic retro flavor, honoring space engineers and astronauts.

Red leather chair and contemporary book shelves in high tech style

Book shelves Cloud is a project by Cappellini. Globe-shaped table lamps Zebra are from Viso. Gorgeous chairs de Sede are made of soft red leather and look like seats in spacecrafts.

Striking torchiers Toobe come in various colors from Kartell. Perforated metal chair Hedronics is designed by Nayada. The stunning floor light Anfora is created of plastic and metal and looks like a spaceship.

Contemporary floor lamps in bright colors and perforated metal chair in high tech style, space age inspired modern home decor

Space theme inspired torchiers and contemporary floor lamps From Yamagiwa look beautiful beside a white leather chair from Ligne Roset. The polish stainless steel table lamp and candle holder are from Free Spirit collection designed by Next.

Stainless steel table lamp and candle holder, porcelain dishes and crystal candle holders for modern interior design in high tech style

These unique accessories create fantastic table decor with porcelain dishes from Rosenthal and the exclusive crystal candle holder Heliodor from Gaia & Gino.

High tech ceiling designs from Lightboys, rooftop ceiling lights for modern interior design

Eco friendly home decorations in high tech style, Biome Smart terrarium design

Contemporary kitchen HD23, Italian kitchen design in high tech style

The metal floor lamp Super Trooper, plastic coffee table Piet Boon Zone and side tables Bond are fabulous designs from Cappellini.

Unique lighting design inspired by a spaceship, contemporary floor lamps made of metal and plastic

  by Ena Russ   
  last updated: 27.01.2013