Essence Bathroom Fixtures Adding Beautiful Simple Lines to Modern Interiors

contemporary bathroom fixtures and furniture by grohe

Modern bathroom design trends


Modern bathroom fixtures by GROHE bring simple lines and elegance into interior design and reflect the latest trends in modern bathroom design and decorating. Lushome presents Essence bathroom fixtures, the new designs by GROHE which offer great inspirations for bathroom remodeling and decorating.

These modern bathroom fixtures blend ascetic design and high technology, elegant simplicity of timelessly stylish forms and functionality. The Essence bathroom faucets represent the essence of contemporary design in minimalist style, its convenient and delightful functionality and organic shapes.

Spout faucets and adjustable aerator AquaGuide allow to make gracefully thin and sleek bathroom fixtures and enhance the visual effect of a simple form and contemporary design style. Smooth lines and sleek contemporary design are enriched by elegant details that create the perfect visual proportions without compromising usability and convenience.

Modern bathroom faucets for your bathroom design and decorating style

Contemporary bathroom design ideas, waterfall bathroom faucets

Modern bathroom fixtures by GROHE

Modern bathroom design trends

Beautiful geometric lines and smooth transitions reflect the latest trends in modern bathroom design and create an attractively soft visual effect to enhance relaxing and chic bathrooms. Thin handles and simple geometry allow interior designers to create harmoniously unified ensembles for modern bathroom design.

Various combinations of bathroom sinks and faucets encourage buyers, designers and installers research these modern bathroom products to accomplish unique, personalized and modern bathroom design. pi

Contemporary bathroom faucets by GROHE

The functionality and comfort are main trends in modern bathroom design, and these bathroom fixtures are designed with them in mind. The water will not be sprayed, and the mixers allow enough space for comfortable washing. Balanced sizes and organic shapes merge with clutter free modern bathrooms.

Modern bathroom faucets, 8 tips for selecting faucets for bathroom remodeling

Advanced eco friendly bathroom faucets

These eco friendly products for modern bathrooms feature integrated temperature control to reduce water waste and cost without compromising the comfort of use. Larger bathroom faucets have swivel spouts and aerators which allow you to adjust the direction of the water jets.

Sleek bathroom faucets for modern bathroom design
Freestanding bathtub and bathroom faucet
Modern bathroom furniture, faucets and bathroom sinks in oval shape

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