Dramatic Fabric Crafts Creating Butcher Shop Look by Tamara Kostianovsky

fabric sculptures, recycled crafts
Dramatic fabric sculptures, recycled crafts for meaningful installation



Striking meat carcases made of fabrics that recreate a look of a traditional butcher shop demonstrate impressive and provocative images of slaughtered livestock. Hanging on large metal hooks sculptural pieces with bones, meat and fat look very realistic, but are soften with fabric textures and wisely selected, quite color shades.

These amazing and unique artworks are created by American artist Tamara Kostianovsky, who lives and design in New York. The artist recycled her own clothes for these crafts, creating an atmosphere of a butcher shop and making these surprising, provocative and original fabric sculptures.

A soft color combination of white, cream, light pink and deep red colors makes this dramatic installation to be easier digested visually and accepted mentally. The artist explains, that she used various fabrics colors and textures to conjure flesh, bone gristle and slabs of fat in live-size sculptures of livestock carcasses.

Paper art by Lisa Nilson, recycling paper craft ideas

Fabric sculptures inspired by butcher shop look

Dramatic fabric sculptures, recycled crafts for meaningful installation

The dramatic sculptural installation rediscovers the connection between all living things. It connects our bodies with the ones in the work, bringing violent acts into a familiar realm and evoking lots of various positive and negative emotions.

The artist said that her intention was to confront the viewers with the real and grotesque nature of violence, showing fabric sculptures that are reflecting the vulnerability of our physical existences.

Fabric sculptures of flesh pieces

The artist encourages people to think of brutality, poverty, consumption, and the voracious needs of the body, demonstrating her original, creative and impressive fabric sculptures that require a great patience and outstanding craft skills.

Contemporary fabric sculptures and installations

Recycling clothing from closets for contemporary fabric sculptures

Recycling used clothes for contemporary textile sculptures and home decorations

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